Friday, June 29, 2012

Gettin' Freaky Friday: Welcome Author Leanore Elliot to the Island!!

Another wonderful visitor has come to the island to show off her latest sexy book of sexiness. Lets welcome Author Leanore Elliot and hear about her newest release More Sex!

MORE SEX~Erotique Content

By Leanore Elliott


He took a deep breath. “I watched you too, all the time, Pearl. But you never seemed to notice.”

Shocked, she laughed outright.

It was his turn to look stunned by her laughter.

She giggled and spluttered. “I was too busy.”

His expression grew puzzled.

I was too busy trying to keep my panties dry. I went in to that dead end job, just so I could be near you. I was busy trying to hide it and keep my mind clean as all I wanted was you—your cock in my mouth, my pussy, my ass.” She knelt at his feet.

At her subservient kneeling, he stared down at her. “My, God…” He seemed to hold his breath as he visibly grew hard again and looked pained.

She lifted her tits up and licked her lips. “Let me be your total slave. I will please you in so many ways, because I have done you already in every way imaginable. It is all that I have longed to do and it’s all that I want for my whole life and you will never even need anyone else. I will be your release, your sex toy or whatever your mood wants. Please use me for your pleasure?”

His eyes were riveted to her as she pledged her body and heart to him. He drew in a breath and visibly flinched while he gripped his cock as though he were in pain.

Stilling, she could see him spurt a drop of cum from the tip and she hopped up, her mouth latching onto him, she took his entire length in and desperately sucked on him.

Leaning his head back, he groaned loudly as he grabbed her head and stroked her over his coming cock.

Pearl was in heaven, she’d made him come by just offering herself to him. She felt so powerful to have affected him like that. She’d always known that she could turn him on, like no one else could, if she were given the chance. Here was her debut and he was exploding in her mouth, as he stood helpless in a climax she had brought. Her pussy clenched and moisture squeezed out until she felt completely wet between her thighs. He was smooth and deliciously warm in her mouth and she almost came when she tasted him.

His body seemed to spasm with her rapid mouth stroking and sucking as he let out a deep groan and held her hair with an almost violent grasping.

The sting from his hands clenching her hair felt glorious, as she tasted the salty sweetness of his cum while it caressed her tongue, she drank of him as he spurted.

Oh!” he shouted with ecstasy in his voice his powerful body quivering with his climax.

She sucked him dry and kept drawing until he had no cum left.

He wrapped his fingers in her hair and raised her up. His hard body still shook. “You did that without permission.” He seethed at her. “I never saw it coming.”

With a delectable thrill, she trembled at his intense voice and the flashing anger in his eyes. He does feel intensely for me. Moisture slipped from her pussy again.

Oh, and the glorious punishment that you are going to receive for that…” With the sexy threat, that gorgeous smile showed on his lips again.

Pearl shook all over at his promising wicked smile. It always got to her, but now standing chest to chest naked with him, while the yummy taste of him was still in her mouth? Her joy was almost to the point of pain as she released a helpless needy whimper.

He held the back of her head with his fingers in her hair, reaching slowly down with his other hand to stroke her clit while staring into her eyes.

Pearl grew rigid with the realization that he was actually touching her with his fingers and looking into her eyes. Oh, God. My nightly dreams have come true.

He caressed her and tugged fiercely on her labia with his fingers and all the while, he locked gazes with her.

Spellbound, she winced with the fierce tugging, but it felt so exquisite. The sensation was better than any dream or any fantasy. His strong fingers took over and her world was reduced to him, his eyes and his magnificent fingers.

He kept a hold of her entire clit as he sat her down on the bed. “Just for that…?”

Speechless, she gazed up at him while helplessly panting.

I’m going to make you come and I will be watching every part of it. You are not allowed to look away from me either.” He let go of her folds.

Fighting for air, Pearl’s eyes stayed glued to him.

He knelt in front of her and stuck two fingers into her wet pussy.

She gasped with an ecstatic delight.

You would like it to be my cock, wouldn’t you?”

She nodded her head with a keen desperation. “Oh, yes…”

He fucked her with three fingers and thumbed her clit button. “You will have to earn that.”

Ohh…” She squirmed.

You can’t come till I say.”

Her throat closed up as the heat in her built. She squirmed helplessly with his grip on her entire vulva and pussy.

He smiled again, and her body spasmed with pure overwhelming waves of an almost mindless euphoria.

Stroking her clit button, he kept the smile on his face while he finger fucked her simultaneously. “I’m going to pull back your folds and watch you squirt.”

Her body jerked with the nasty promise. “Unh…”

You can speak, as matter of fact I wanna hear all that you are thinking and feeling.”

Oh, please?” She breathed the words out.

Tell me all of it.” He stroked her harder. “All that you remember of the last months.”

I never—not even when I dreamed of you, thought it would be like this—oh!”

With a heated look in his eyes, he shoved four fingers in and pushed them deep. He sped up the thumbing of her clit button.

Pearl was gushing wet, as his fingers slid in and out of her. “I’ve loved you so much for so long and just the fact that you are touching me, makes me want to come hard. I love your body and your smile. The way you tasted? I would sleep with you in my mouth every night and suck on you for hours. Oh—Oh God!” Her body jerked and she shuddered with pain from holding her orgasm back.

His dark eyes were intense and fierce as he used his fingers to pull her folds back until her clit was fully exposed.

I’ve waited breathlessly every morning for you to appear in the office with my thighs clenched whenever you walked by. My pussy would weep at the sound of your voice. You’ve fucked me in my mind so many times—every position imaginable. Oh!” she yelled with a crazed ecstasy. “And yes, I’ve envisioned you pulling my head down, forcing my mouth onto your luscious cock. I’ve stuck my fingers in every hole I have, pretending it was you, begging you in my dreams to just—?” Her voice broke. “—just fuck me until I died!” Overcome by it all, she threw her head back and screamed.

Oh yeah!! That was totally hot that I think the island fan boys will need to double up for each of us! Thank you Ms. Elliot for joining us and sharing such a hot peek into your wicked world. Get Leanore Elliot's book More Sex and check out her others!

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Toto and Dorothy is returning ya'll and this time, he's got a flogger!!

So, first off let's have a 'Yippee' and a 'Hooray' for some great news.


I've just signed and mailed off the contract for the second installment of Down the Yellow Brick Road and I couldn't be more thrilled.

This one is darker, grittier, and raunchier than the first as Toto matures into the role he was destined for. Dorothy learns to grow from submitting to the man she has come to love. And there are some new characters that will just knock your socks off!

So prepare to be amazed, raise your floggers, whips or whatevers and celebrate with me!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

They love me, they really love me! I receive the Liebster Award Nomination!

It would seem an lovely friend of mine Author Rosanna Leo has nominated me for the Liester Award. I'm truly honored.

What is the Liebster Blog award, you say? This is an award given to blogs that have less than 200 followers. It's a way of generating some love and traffic for smaller bloggers. Now for the rules:

1. Each person must post 11 facts about themselves

2. Answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you and then give 11 questions for those you tag.

3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post (I couldn't do this, but if you can then, yay!)

4. Let them know you've tagged them.

5. No tag backs.

11 facts about me:

1. I fall asleep when getting a tattoo

2. I have several nephews and nieces who are older than I am

3. I'm deathly scared of horses because I fear they'll eat me

4. I owned a tarantula

5. In high school, I went through a goth phase

6. I hate chocolate

7. I also hate ice cream

8. I drink 150 oz. of water a day

9. My daughter's birthday is the day before mine after being born two weeks early

10. I have many piercings. One is below the belt

11. I can still do a split

My questions for those I've tagged:

1) Aside from what you're doing, what is your dream career?
Sex therapist. I have my degree in psychology with a concentration in human sexuality.

2) Who is your fave literary hero ever?
I love the old man from The Old Man and the Sea.

3) If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
Greece. I've always wanted to go.

4) What is your favorite drink?
Anything with tequila in it.

5) Who inspires you most?
My children. They remind me not to sweat the small stuff.

6) Cat or dog person?
Both and I have both lol.

7) If a vampire offered you eternal life, would you say yes or no?
I would say no as I can't imagine watching my loved ones leave me.

8) Which paranormal creature would make the best mate for you?
A were creature. I love animals and sexy hunks.

9) Who's your favorite movie actor?
I love Patrick Stewart. He's so hot!

10) If you had to pick either Italian or Chinese food, which would you pick?
Chinese food all the way!

11) Would you ever consider plastic surgery? 
I used to. I wanted boobs a long time ago, but three kids later, now I have them in full force LOL.
My Eleven nominations:
Beth's Wild and Crazy Reviews

Tracey H. Kitts
Savannah Chase

Tracy St. John
Joanne Cattell
My 11 Questions for those tagged
1. If you could be a color, what would it be?
2. What's your favorite flavor? Salty or Sweet?
3. What is your spirit animal?
4. Where would you love to travel?
5. What would your dream home look like?
6. The most embarrassing moment in your life?
7. What constitutes a good kiss?
8.  What's your favorite eye color?
9. What's the first thing you look at on a man?
10. Does size really matter?
11. What's your happy place?

If you though Spring Cleaning was hot...the next story Summer's Break will bring you to your knees (Rated R excerpt and kinky picture)

The boss's wife is going to put him to work...for her pleasure.

Summer closed the door and lingered in the foyer while listening as she checked her messages. Mrs. Dickerman sauntered back into view tossing the opened mail on the table beside him and trailed her steely gaze over his body. Everywhere her eyes touched awoken his flaming desire until he was left panting in need. Fighting to not give away his emotional turmoil, he kept his hazel eyes trained on her face, finally releasing the breath he held when she turned to ascend the spiral staircase.

Her sway was fluid, poetry in motion. Summer wasn't sure what he was supposed to do next so he stood dumb and curious, watching his boss's wife's backside. So caught up in his admiration of her derriere, he didn't see she had paused and watched him from over her shoulder.

“It's not nice to stare without permission, Mr. Summer.” She whispered.

His cheeks flushed as he forced his eyes up to her face. She was smiling and it was heaven.

“Bring my bags up to the room please. Do hurry, I have work for you to do.” And like that, she reverted back to the aggressive Ice Queen.

Again, Summer found himself rushing after this woman which was made a lot more difficult by his erection pressed against the zipper of his jeans. Lugging the pink suitcases up the winding stairs, he thanked his lucky stars he kept in shape or he would have died on the way. The doors to the left were ajar and he went inside the expansive Master suite. Mrs. Dickerman was nowhere to seen.

He pushed the handles down and left the bags by the door. “Hello, Mrs. Dickerman? Ma'am are you in here?” Summer frowned, taking several more steps deeper into the room.

Perhaps he came into the wrong door. He spun to head back out into the hallway, when he heard a throat clear at his back and slowly he circled around. The sight he beheld stopped all brain function as the blood dropped to settle into his cock.

Mrs. Dickerman stood in nothing but black fishnet thigh highs and gem encrusted pumps. Long legs led to a hairless pussy, full hips and a body ready to be screwed into the bed. In her hand was an item that gave him pause. Wide and spiked, she held a collar. Like the cougar that she was, she approached with predatory purpose and placed the leather strap around his neck with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

Summer couldn't move, couldn't breathe.

She sashayed back into the large walk in closet she had appeared from only to return dragging an unlocked chest and setting it in front front of the bed. Popping open the lid, she pulled out a sinfully long riding crop and slapped it against her palm. The echoing sound caused his pulse to jump in anticipation. Mrs. Dickerman pointed the device at him. “Take off your clothes and wait for my next orders.”

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Spring Cleaning by D. X. Luc

Leanore's sexy neighbor has come to see what she's up to this Spring Cleaning day.

Eyes still shut, Leanore melted back into her day dream while taking her small vibrator and coating it with her tongue. Slowly the image came back into view and she saw him again, watching her drag the red tipped massager down to her dusky nipple. Gasping, she enjoyed the prickling tingle as the bud grew stiff and hard. She moaned as her stomach muscles clenched with pleasure.

A deep growl shattered her erotic illusion and she froze.

Don't stop, beautiful. I want to watch.” That wasn't in her head.

Leanore's eyes flew open to see Sam standing at the very place she'd been fantasizing only he had on his shirt and a dirty green trucker's hat that covered his curly black hair.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Welcome Author MaryLynn Bast to the Island

For this sexy Friday, Author MaryLynn Bast harrowed the plane trip to make it to the island and aren't we glad to have her! While the cabana boys get her drink, she's going to let us have a little glimpse into her recent book One Bite to Passion.


Leaning against the door, she took a deep breath to calm her pounding heart. Why was she having such a reaction to a man she had barely met, not even twenty four hours ago. "Yet you slept with him." She grumbled to herself and released a sigh. Slipping quickly into her undergarments, she slipped on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and headed back out to the living room.
Casey sat on the loveseat by the window, but Rosa was gone. He responded to her questioning look. "She went back to her room, said she had to get something for you."
Paige remembered a package was supposed to be delivered. But that quickly left her mind when Casey patted the seat next to him. She shook her head no, deciding it wasn't a good idea to snuggle with him. She leaned against the bar that separated the kitchen from the living area.
"I won't bite." He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows at her. "Too hard."
Paige laughed nervously. "Uh, Casey, about last night." She couldn't bring herself to look at him.
"I told you Paige, I wanted you and I still do." He lounged back on the seat, one arm thrown casually across the back.
"I, uh. I'm married. I shouldn't have done that." She inspected her manicured nail.
"I also remember telling you that your husband was a lucky man. So, yeah, I'm aware you are married and I don't care." He spoke softly. He patted the seat once again.
She heard the honesty in his words, and once again shook her head, but this time she stared at him. She had to end this. She was in Japan to work, not have an ongoing affair with a younger man. She opened her mouth to speak, before she could, the look on his face stopped her.
"Paige." Casey stood and walked over to where she was. His hand rose up to her face, his fingers slid gently across her cheek, his eyes looked haunted. "I can't stop thinking about you. I know you are married and I know I should feel bad about that, but I don't. He should respect you and he doesn't."
How in the world would he know that! Paige stared at him, wondering if she had gotten herself into something she wouldn't easily get out of.
"I want to be with you." He continued staring at her, but he made no move to touch her any further than the caress on her cheek.
"But that's impossible Casey. I can't do this. I love my husband."
"You love your husband because it's the right thing to do. But how long has it been since he has told you he loved you and really meant it? How long has it been since he loved you the way I did last night? If ever?"
Closing her eyes she didn't know what she was going to do. Dalton had never made her feel the way Casey had. But that had been about sex. She and Dalton had twenty years together and couldn't throw that all away for one night of great sex.
"I…" She didn't know what to say, His lips descended and grazed hers and she melted against him. Her brain screamed at her to stop, but her body said the exact opposite. The kiss deepened and he pulled her to him. Their tongues battled for a moment before she pulled away and buried her head in his chest.
"I know you are going to think I'm crazy, but Paige, I think I'm already in love with you." He pulled her close, his voice barely above a whisper.

Yummy yum yum!! Thank you MaryLynn for sharing that with us all and do stay awhile. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I have!

Get your copy of One Bite to Passion today from the links below.


Title: One Bite To Passion
Author: MaryLynn Bast
Genre: Paranormal Erotica Fantasy
Publisher: A Renaissance E Books Publication
Pages: 107
Words: 39,995

On a business trip to Japan, Paige has just found happiness with Casey, an exciting, young man with a passionate interest in Paige.  After a night of wild sex, she feels like a new woman. Drawn to Casey, Paige can’t refuse him even though he says he wants to possess her and she learns he is a vampire. Then Paige's unfaithful husband, Dalton, shows up. He has supposedly broken off his affair, but Paige suspects he is still seeing his mistress. Soon, Paige begins to notice disturbing things happening around her and discovers she has become the center of a battle between covens who consider her The Chosen One. But when she faces the greatest peril of her life, and Casey shows up to help, Page realizes she is willing fight covens side-by-side with him, if it means the chance of a future with this vampire she has come to love.

Buy Links:

Barnes and Noble:

Book Trailer Link:

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Another sneak peek of my WIP Spring Cleaning

If looks could kill, the one Sam blessed her with at that moment was destined to end her. “The Juicer, eh? This looks promising.” His accent was enough to set anyone on fire. Rough and low.

Resting one knee on her bed, Sam pushed her back until she was once more reclined against her pillows. His eyes never leaving her face, he put the box beside her and taking her hand, guided it down her plushness until he reached her thighs. The hunger etched in his face made her tremble. He released her to grab the container, opened it, and retrieved the most deliciously scary toy she'd ever seen. Made all of Pyrex glass, the rainbow swirled thing resembled that of a hand cranked orange juicer.

He held it out to her. “Put it in and crank it. I'll tell you what to do so you can get wet for me. Do it. Now.”

Blinking slowly she hesitantly did as he asked and as the first inch of ribbed decadence entered her hole, she groaned and spread her legs wider. The widest section of the head was sucked in by her greedy cunt, seating the stubby shaft and wide base nicely within her. Leanore was already slick from his words. How much more wet could she get? With trembling fingers she pinched the ball like knob and cranked a full three hundred and sixty degrees. Her breath came out in a shaky gust, the intensity being almost too much. She rotated again, finally circling the toy inside her at a steady pace.

“Faster and move it in and out while you do.” He ordered.

Mindlessly she obeyed and moaned as a coil of desire tightened in her belly.

“Feels good doesn't it?”

“Oh god, yes!” She arched her back.

“Good beautiful. Now stop turning and just ride it until you're about to come.” Sam's husky voice reverberated from the place where the juicer was embedded to her tight nipples.

Giving them both what Sam wanted, Leanore's hips pumped in unison with the toy's movements and she found herself at that point between heaven and hell. The one she only heard whispers about. Her thighs, fingers, and the mattress were coated in her juices as her musky scent saturated the room. It was a heady combination. Stiffening her body, the ribbed head brushed her sweet spot, making her toes curl in anticipation of her approaching climax. She was right there...almost...

“Stop.” Sam grabbed her hand, freezing her motions as he popped The Juicer out of her drenched pussy.

What? Why? Dammit to hell!

“It's obvious this is a good one. Let's put it into the keep pile and move on.”

He was fucking out his mind! Leanore wanted to scream as her taut body relaxed back into rest mode.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Join me (D. X. Luc) and many others for a great blog hop.

Join myself and others during this blog hop happening in the honor of Independence Day. I will be giving away several prizes of signed bookmarks (5 lucky winners), ebook copy of Touch of the Gods: The Wager (1 winner), and custom trading cards with candy (3 lucky winners).

I look forward to all that show up. On the day of my post I'll have how to enter to win at the beginning of the post.

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Gettin' Freaky Friday: Author Morticia Knight Comes to the Island

As you know I love getting  freaky on Fridays. Who doesn't? And today I have author Morticia Knight here on our island giving us a sexy look at her new release The Perfect Third. Take it away Morticia!

One woman – two hunky musicians. Will she become their Perfect Third?

From “The Perfect Third”, a contemporary MFM ménage, just released at Total-E-Bound Publishing.

He knelt down in front of her and began to kiss her again, and she could feel that her mouth was sloppy and her lips were swollen from the recent assault of his shaft. Her cheeks were flushed, and he watched as her chest rose alluringly with fast breath. He began to explore her again, and he made it clear it was time for the rest of her clothing to come off. He undid her bra, and she helped move things along by sliding her panties off.
I appreciate your enthusiasm,” he said, locking with her eyes again. “I plan to reward it.”

He pushed her back on the couch, lifted one of her legs up against its back, and positioned the other so that her foot touched the floor. With her splayed before him, he began to caress and rub the inside of her thighs, reaching higher towards her hips, and rubbing her stomach. She leant back on her elbows and moaned. He reached a little higher and cupped both breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples until they were hard.

Oh, yes,” she whispered. “That feels so good.”

As he continued to work her nipples, he slid closer to her until his mouth reached her inner thighs, where he nipped and licked at the sensitive skin. He alternated licking, love-biting, and brushing his lips back and forth on each side, moving ever closer to the lovely folds between her legs. She was beginning to move slightly under his ministrations, her hips thrusting forward, closer to his busy mouth.

Oh, Lorne, please,” she begged. “Please…”

Mmmm…that’s nice, the way you’re asking. I think I should give you your reward…”

Lorne’s tongue thrust deep between her wet pussy lips and soft, trimmed curls and searched for her waiting clit. She cried out in pleasure, and began to buck more insistently beneath his lips. Clearly inspired by her obvious enjoyment, he slicked his tongue around and over her clit, furiously bringing her to a frenzy. Just when it seemed she would lose control, he backed off, and let his tongue go to other parts of her most intimate area.

First he pushed into her vagina, his strong tongue acting like a little cock as it rammed into her. Then he lifted her hips a little more, and his tongue travelled further back, teasing between her back cheeks, searching for her other entrance. He swiped his tongue at the hole a few times, and Alexa responded to every little thing he did with all types of cries of pleasure. Lorne laid her down, and began to move back up to her throbbing clit. This time he furiously wiggled it with his tongue, not letting up for a second. Alexa’s whimpers and cries were becoming stronger and more rhythmic, her hips keeping time with the dance of Lorne’s tongue.

He kept at her until she could hold back no longer. As he grasped her hips tightly, seemingly to control her pleasure, she screamed out in release, Lorne only backing off when she was fully done. He kept his face between her thighs as she panted in the aftermath, kissing the inside of her thighs again and again until she was completely through.

My God, you taste heavenly,” he said.

With that, he turned her over onto her stomach.

Are you ready for more?”

Oh yes, Lorne.” She could barely talk, she was still so aroused. “Do whatever you want; that was fantastic.”

Whatever I want? Are you sure?”

To get your copy of “The Perfect Third”:
To find Morticia:

Egads that was sexy! Thanks so much to Morticia Knight for showing us a sexy excerpt to her new book The Perfect Third. Go out and get your copy today and please Morticia, stay for drinks. The Cabana boys are always wanting to please our guests.

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Sign up for DX Luc's Blog Tour!

Sign up for DX Luc's Blog Tour!

Come on and sign up for this blog hop/tour!! I'd love to have many come and join us and get exposure if they can!

Touch of the Gods Book Tour Starts Today!!!!

Stop by at my stops to get behind the scenes posts about my recent release, Touch of the Gods: The Wager as well as awesome giveaways!

I've got signed bookmarks and trading cards with candy. Yum yummy! Not to mention one lucky winner will get a free copy of my book! First stop today is at the link below. I'll also have the rest of the dates posted as well. Some come by and comment! I'd love to hear from you all.

A Little Bit of Naughty

Tour dates:

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Six Sentence Sunday: Touch of the Gods: The Wager

Welcome to the Underworld. Stay for a spell....or for eternity!

What I first believed to be a large grin on his macabre face was in fact, his lips being drawn up by thick fish hooks that were attached to the backs of his ears. The metal cut into his flesh and though it looked dreadfully painful, the lusty glint plastered upon his plastic like face told a different tale. The neon stripes of his leisure suit enhanced the pale white that was his emaciated skin, which was covered in darker scars, lashes and welts. His hair was slicked back and long, but those eyes, or shall I say a lack thereof was what left me cold inside.

Staring up into their empty depths, I felt hopeless and I knew at that moment, I was standing before the darkness himself. This man, who turned briefly, allowing me to see that his hair was actually a thick, braided rope laced between hoops which were pierced through his back, was the lord of the underworld —Hades.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Gettin' Freaky Friday: You ain't seen kinky until you read this (xxx picture)

A look at one of my WIP The Huntsman's Daughter. Red Riding Hood should have stayed out of the The Woods.

She knew her predicament was her fault, she didn't listen and because of her own strong will, she was now bent over and vulnerable to the man before her.

“Mmm, little red, I have plans for you. And please keep squirming, it makes me hard.” He spoke in a soft but commanding tone.

Sydni fought to protest, her voice caught on the tip of her tongue but the man had placed a ring gag into her mouth, keeping it in the perfect 'O' for whatever he planned to do. The leather padded room would have been pitched in darkness if not for the red light, which cast it in a sexy as well as demonic glow. Her senses were in a state of heightened awareness, her ears on alert to the sound of humming behind her. She knew the buzzing came from a generator, the power it exerted sending tremors through the floorboards and up to her pussy which too was spread with a circular device held open with strings.

He had her open and ready for his hedonistic pleasures and as much as she wanted to run, Syndi thrilled at the thought of being his plaything. She wriggled her ass and heard his gasp. Good, he liked that. Doing it again caused him to growl low in his throat, the resonance of it wrapping around her like the rope bound to the walls behind him. Her position was that meant to show his control over her body. Over a black stool covered in the same fabric as the room, her wrists were tethered to her ankles and they had been spread into a wide 'V'. There would be no chance for escape and even as the idea flitted through her mind, she knew she didn't want her freedom.

From her position she could see his hand as it clutched the hardness that outlined his jeans. Such a monstrosity that made her mouth salivate. Then he was out of sight but Syndi knew he didn't go far, jerking when his hand stroked down her spine and cupped her rear firmly. Just as quickly he pulled his palm away, leaving her aching for his touch once more and like a greedy kitten wanting more cream, she shook her bottom in silent plea. She did not receive his heated caress but instead felt a cold, thick gel being slathered around her anus. He prodded the tight hole, slipping in to the first knuckle before removing to trail his coated finger to her exposed cunt. His longer middle finger sank in deep making a moan roll out from behind the gag.

The man chuckled and patted her bottom. “Like that don't you, little red? I can tell you play with yourself often. Nice and ready for the fucking machine, aren't we?”

Her body trembled as she strained to hear what he was fumbling around with. The room's relative quiet was disrupted by the creaking of wheels that came closer until she felt a thick and veined cock press into her until it buried to the very root. A smaller deviant tool was inserted deep into her ass and when he came back to stand in front of her realization dawned on her. She was double stuffed with dildos! Sydni became aware of the remote in his hand and with the click of the single button the machine, which was connected to the generator, began to pump the toys at a fierce, pleasurable tempo. She couldn't stop the mewing sounds that came out of her each time the dicks pounded into her. He bent and she caught sight of the top of his head and one pointed ear.

The stranger worked to untie her wrists only, keeping her ankles secured and pulled her up until her mouth was leveled with his erection. “That feel good? You take cock so well. But those are fake. Now it's time you take mine.”

Sydni didn't have time to let his words soak in before her captor with his velvety voice thrust his monster deep into her mouth. The bulbous tip grazed the back of her throat where she tasted his salty precome. She wanted more and gladly welcomed his brutal use of her.

He tilted her head until she was looking into his glowing, lavender eyes and smirked. “Welcome to The Woods, little red. This big, bad wolf has finally caught you and now you're mine.”

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: Everything is my story

As an author, the most common quesiton I get is, "Where do you get your inspiration?"

Now, I could be half honest and say sexy men, but that wouldn't be the whole truth. I found out yesterday, during my boring jury summons that everything and anything is part of my pot of stories. I can hear a conversation, see an odd outfit or just plain be annoyed by the fact that I'm stuck at jury service and poof...a book is formed.

It's not really magic (more like insanity really), it's the fact that my brain sees the world in words and those words need to go on paper. I don't sleep much because I can't shut down. I'm a constant bundle of paras that need to be seen! And when I do finally go down for the night, I dream in story.

My mind is a bookshelf waiting to be filled and I find nothing is safe. As I mentioned, yesterday I was stuck with a jury summons and waited from 8:30am to 4pm to get selected (never was) and when I told people that I was an author I was suddenly bombarded with ideas from them. I didn't want their ideas, no no. I wanted them <----insert evil laughter here.

By the time I left I had a whole new book in mind. I just may write it. I have a couple of titles in mind. I'm sure those I met won't mind. They'll be immortalized and everybody wants that in their life. As of right now, I'm writing a book about a friend (she knows who she is) and I think she'll like what happens to her "character" by the time I'm done with it.

So moral of the story here is, if you're friends with an author be careful...or don't. But know, whatever is happening around us, will ultimately end up in a book at one point or another.

You've been warned

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rosanna Leo's Room: The return of D.X. Luc!

Rosanna Leo's Room: The return of D.X. Luc!: Hello peeps!  I am so happy to have the talented D.X. Luc visiting with us again.  Not only is she going to tell us some more about her ho...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Touch of the Gods: The Wager

The battle of brothers for Vanessa has come. Hephaestus will not lose his love. But can he win against the God of War himself?

From the rage in Ares' eyes, I knew he didn't care whether she was there or not. He raised his sword once more and was about to deliver a blow that would kill them both.

Between the sound of her scream, the smell of my nephew's blood spilling and my anger at my brother's lack of caring that he was about to execute a mortal, I lost my control. Flashing before him, I knocked him back with my own power, so hard that his body bent his cycle in half. It would have been nice if it I had hurt him, but when he stood, his knuckles were white from the tight hold he had on his sword, I knew I only pissed him off more. His body glowed with barely leashed control as he ran toward me, his battle cry loud enough to rock the earth to its core.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Spotlight with Author Rosanna Leo

I'm so very excited to have author Rosanna Leo back on the Island again!! And she's got a hot, emphasis on HOT, new book for all of you to enjoy. Take it away Rosanna!

Hello fans of romance!

I wrote Up In Flames when I realized that women go absolutely crazy for firemen! And I’m one of them! It occurred to me that it might be interesting to pit a hot fire chief against a stubborn beauty who has grown to despise the firefighter uniform, because of how she was once treated by these men in uniform. It was a lot of fun writing this book and watching the sparks fly between my hero and heroine. I hope you’ll enjoy it too. It’s a tale of sizzling desire, betrayal and learning how to trust again.

Juliet Baker is not looking forward to coming home after six months. Yes, the fiery brunette wants to make a go of turning her parents' farmhouse into a B&B. She’s just not looking forward to seeing the place where they died. To make things worse, she knows she'll finally have to face her cheating, firefighter ex-boyfriend.

Luckily, her sister has found Jules a boarder. Easy money, right? Not when she realizes the boarder is Captain Shane Gaskill. Not only is Shane a firefighter, he’s the town's hot new fire captain.

Jules is determined to hate all firefighters. After all, the men of that precious brotherhood protected her cheating ex. Shane, however, proves he’s different from the start. He's protective and kind, and she can't stop looking at his smoking, Viking-hot body. She learns, though, that Shane isn't so willing to love again either. He's been hurt, too. They both fight the sexual chemistry, and resulting tenderness, between them. But when a stalker begins to target Jules, they realize they can't fight their desire forever.

As the threats escalate, Shane and Jules are thrown together. The resulting passion overwhelms them. But are they willing to trust each other and surrender to the flames of love?

When he saw the woman, his breath caught in his throat. It was her, the rude but delectable brunette from the gas station. The one, he loathed to admit, he’d been thinking of almost the entire drive over.

“We meet again,” he whispered. “Maybe Ms. Baker has a gorgeous granddaughter?”

Gorgeous didn’t seem to be the right word for her, he decided, as he watched her argue with the firefighter. Her delicate face had blushed rosy pink from anger, and her bright eyes shone with indignation. She was splendid in her fury, from her cropped black hair to the shapely legs extending from her khaki shorts. Her body was tense, but her stiff shoulders could not detract from the soft, swelling bosom below them. The woman’s fists were clenched, so much so he ached to calm and relax her. Her generous lips were pursed into a tight line, but he remembered their sweet fullness when she’d gawked open-mouthed at him at the gas station.

No, her anger did nothing to diminish her many charms. Gorgeous wasn’t quite a strong enough word to describe her. Stunning seemed more appropriate.

“Oh, come on, babe,” the other man replied. “You always took things so seriously.”

“You mean, like our relationship? Yes, I did.”

“I swear, those others meant nothing to me.”

Listening to the other man, the other firefighter, Shane felt his own anger rising. How many others did he have when he had this knockout as a girlfriend?

“Kevin, I can’t do this right now. Please, just go.” Her eyes grew moist.

Her tears were not lost on Shane. He felt his stomach clench, and he was seized by the extraordinary impulse to protect her. She might be a bit odd, careening away from him earlier, but something in her luscious figure and angelic face called to him.

He heard the other man, Kevin, begin to protest. And then, Shane heard his own baritone voice cutting through it. “I believe the lady asked you to leave.”

Shocked, the other two turned to see Shane hurtle over the porch railing to the yard below. He pulled himself to his full height and approached Kevin and the brunette.

“Who the hell are you?” Kevin demanded. “This is a private conversation.”

“The lady asked you to leave.” He nodded at her, and then came to within a foot of Kevin’s face. “Consider it an order from your captain.”

“What?” Kevin blurted, as the woman’s jaw hit the floor.

“You’re the new fire captain?” she asked. And then her eyes dropped to his chest, the one he’d last displayed in its naked, sweaty glory.

Shane inclined his head toward her and smiled. Damn. Up close she was even prettier. At that moment, he would have given anything to get rid of that Kevin.

“Captain Gaskill?” Kevin ventured. A comical flurry of emotions flew across his face, betraying everything from anger at being interrupted to fear for his job.

“And you are?”

“Kevin McGuinness. It seems you’re my new boss,” he said slowly, as if mentally choosing his tactic for dealing with the unwanted newcomer. “You’ve got the wrong idea, though. This lady and I have a relationship…”

“Had a relationship,” she broke in.

“Mr. McGuinness, we’ll talk again when I’m settled at the station.” Shane used his most authoritative tone, the one that brooked no opposition.

Kevin, blue eyes blazing and blushing himself now, stared down his captain. Shane suppressed a chuckle, wondering at his luck at making an enemy in Riverbend, despite having only been there a few days. He could see Kevin wanted to take a swing him, but had enough brains to decide against it.

Instead, the man addressed the woman. “I’ll talk to you soon.”

“Whatever,” she replied. As soon as Kevin pulled away in the Mazda, she stormed toward the house.

Shane called out to her. “Miss, excuse me. Do you know where I can find Ms. Baker?”

“Why, Captain Gaskill, you’ve already found her.” She turned about, hazel eyes flashing and then pounded down the walkway to the house.

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Wow! I've already got this on my wish list! Thank you so much for your visit again Rosanna Leo to the Island and stop by anytime! Well folks, go on out and get your copy of  Up In Flames today.

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