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Getting Freaky Friday: Steamy author Tracy St. John sets the island on fire with Netherworld III

Brandilynn Payson has been through some tough times since dying, and she's ready to take a break from the drama of the paranormal world.  Unfortunately, time has run out on her tense ménage with vampire Tristan Keith and fellow ghost Dan Saling.  It's time to pick her one-and-only, and Brandilynn is distraught that she will have to lose one of the men she loves.
Adding to the heartache, a new threat has come to Fulton Falls.  Norms and paranormals alike are being attacked by an unknown menace and turned into zombies.  Ghosts are disappearing all over the netherworld.  The mystery deepens as a devoted friend betrays her.  Then the man she thought she could always count on turns his back on her.  And when Brandilynn faces off with an ancient evil that leaves no survivors, she becomes the one thing she fears most.
Warning:  Sexually explicit scenes and adult language may be offensive to some readers.   This book contains BDSM elements of questionable consent, bondage, spanking, and Dom/sub play. 
Excerpt from Netherworld III:  Once Bitten Twice Dead
Ghosts Brandilynn Payson and Dan Saling are taking a break from hunting a soul-stealing vampire known as the lamia:
Most of the place was shadowed, but for the gleaming bar on my right where Doms and Dommes lined up for a few drinks and conversation, their subs kneeling next to their seats.  To my left was the play area, with various apparatuses for bondage play under bright spotlights.  Half a dozen of the crosses, benches, and nettings were in use.  I licked my lips, and then I saw the man in charge, Master Miguel, heading our way.  He’d been in command of my punishment about a month ago.  I made myself naked and collared in an instant, kneeling at Dan’s feet with my hands palms-up on my spread thighs, my head bent.  Master Miguel is a Dom’s Dom, and I wasn’t going to do anything to displease him.  Not after last time.
Big black boots and leather pants appeared before me.  I took a deep breath, relishing the scent of the leather and pure masculine musk.  The deep, rasping voice wasn’t loud, but a real Dominant doesn’t have to be.  “Master Dan, isn’t it?  So nice to see you again.”
“You too, Master Miguel.”  Dan sounded pleased to be recognized.
A large but gentle hand briefly touched the top of my head.  “Please tell me she hasn’t been misbehaving again.”
“Not at all.  In fact, we’re here so I can show her how much I value her.  I want to give her what she likes best.”
“By all means.”  Master Miguel’s voice was warm as he praised me.  “I’m glad you’ve mended your ways so that he needs to reward you.”
Waiting silence told me to respond.  “Yes Sir.  Thank you, Sir.”
I heard the two men whisper briefly.  Master Miguel’s chuckle rumbled nicely in my ears.  I was betting subs vied hard to get the stocky man’s attention.  He wasn’t as heartstoppingly gorgeous as my guys, but he was attractive enough with gray-speckled dark hair and a commanding presence.  An unattached Brandilynn would have found him very tempting.
They stopped their quiet conversation, and Dan said, “Over here, baby girl.”
I rose and followed him to the play area.  My heart remembered to beat and sped up quickly when we stopped before a St. Andrews cross.  I’d already had a busy day what with the ill-advised competition and playtime with Tristan.  Still, I quivered with excitement as I stepped up to let Dan tie me facing the cross. 
The spirit world version of the club had plenty of accessories to keep a naughty sub extremely happy, as I found when Dan pressed a ball gag into my mouth.  I was very, very wet as he fastened it securely.  Then he put a squeaky ball in my hand because I couldn’t use my safeword.  Of course, I could always ‘port myself on out if things got out of hand, but with Dan, that wasn’t going to happen anyway. 
I turned my head to watch him as he approached me from a shelf full of toys.  I went molten inside to see him holding a butterfly clitoral stimulator and leather strap.  Oh, this was going to be so good.
Dan grinned at me.  “Your favorite, baby girl.  Pain and pleasure, all at once.”  He caressed my face with the cool smoothness of the strap.  His expression went very serious.  “I love you, Brandilynn.  With all my heart.  That’s why I’m putting myself out there as bait for the lamia, so it won’t find you.”
Oh my gosh.  He was risking himself for me?  He was putting his very existence on the line to keep me safe?  Oh no, I didn’t want that.  I didn’t want to be the reason Dan might be devoured by that black horror.  But I couldn’t protest with the gag in my mouth.  Maybe he’d planned it that way.
I knew in that moment how much I loved Dan Saling.  I loved him more than my own existence, just as he loved me.  Tears ran down my face.  It wasn’t simply a love that uplifted; it was also a love that terrified. 
He kissed my ear and whispered, “Okay, baby girl.  Time to make you feel good.”
Dan belted the clitoral butterfly’s straps around my waist and thighs, pinning it to the already straining nubbin.  He held its remote in one hand and the leather strap in the other. 
The butterfly buzzed to life, thrumming to make my lower parts clench in happiness.  I tensed all over in delight, moaning my appreciation as bliss shivered its way through me. 
The first crack of the strap snapping against my rear was heard before felt.  I jerked all over with a cry.  Heat sizzled from where I’d been struck to blast its way up my spine.  Heavens to mergatroid, I’d swear I felt it to the tip of every hair on my head.  My butt strained back, inviting another one.
It got what it asked for.  Another burning wallop sliced over my rear.  And that vibrator kept humming away, making my insides tremble.  As Dan spanked my vulnerable flesh, pain and pleasure twined through me, twisting my innards into knots.  My groans drowned out the club music that pulsed through the room, along with other subs’ moans of agonized delight.  Sometimes I think my afterlife was taking place in heaven after all.  This was one of those times. 
he humming ceased, Dan correctly deducing I was getting close to culmination.  That left just the belt branding my skin.  At this point, even that was more bliss than pain.  I was so happy to be bound helpless, under the power of my caring and exacting Master.  I strained back, begging for more sensation from his well-landed blows.  Again and again, he answered my pleas.
My backside was baking hot from the attention, the heat spreading to all points south where it felt best.  The butterfly fluttered to life again, adding a powerful thrum straight to my clit.  Oh glory.  My eyes rolled back in my head in reaction.
“Your butt is good and red,” Dan growled, stopping the whipping to run his hands over my throbbing cheeks.  I loosed a warbling cry at the soreness, enjoying the ache as much as the sweetness of the vibrations against my clit. 
“So warm,” he said softly, stepping up behind me.  The butterfly fell still once more, and the hurt in my butt increased as Dan’s groin pressed up against me.  His cock curved up beneath me to catch the moisture leaking from my womanhood.
He shifted, his fist placing the tip of him at my entrance.  The vibrator came on again, and he thrust hard and deep, making me take him in all at once.  Climax burst over me with beautiful savagery.  I screamed as it swept me away.
Dan’s thick cock found the bundle of nerves inside me immediately, taking me even higher.  My insides were like a dam straining to hold in the flood waters.  They broke before the insistent force, sending a cascade of pure sensation pouring through and out of me.   I fell before the tumult, giving myself over to the deluge.
I wasn’t quite done when Dan pulled free of me.  He went to his favorite place, the tighter of my openings.  His cock was slick from my honey, and he encountered no resistance when he pushed into me.
It was then that I discovered Mr. Butterfly had two speed settings and I’d only felt the less powerful.  Dan turned it up, making my clit take the full force of the deceptively small toy.  As it droned insistently against my most sensitive flesh, Dan worked himself in and out of me, sending a dark, delicious thrill to join the brighter, more acutely felt ecstasy. 
I blew apart.  The orgasm was a bright star exploding within me, taking me right out of my consciousness.  When Dan got his, I couldn’t have told you.  It was all Brandilynn for me and longer than I can tell
Tracy St. John
Author of the Clans of Kalquor and Netherworld series

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Thoughtful Thursday: A pizza that'll make you horny, baby! Yeah!

I'm not sure about you, but I love pizza. I also enjoy a bit of sweets now and again.

Now, I'm actually not a big fan of chocolate. Never have been, until I learned about a yum dessert...chocolate pizza. And we all know chocolate is an aphrodisiac so, not only can you enjoy a sinful treat, it'll make ya horny too baby!!

What you'll need
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup shortening
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup white sugar
2 eggs    
1 teaspoon baking powder  
3/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips   
2 tablespoons shortening   
2 tablespoons water

How to make it
Melt 1 cup chocolate chips, and 1/2 cup shortening in a double boiler; cool. Stir in flour, sugar, eggs, and baking powder with fork. Spread crust evenly onto a well greased pizza pan.
Bake at 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) for 15 minutes. Cool.
Combine 3/4 cup chocolate chips, 2 tablespoons shortening, and water. Melt in a doubler boiler. Stir until smooth. Spread glaze evenly over cooled chocolate crust. Decorate as desired with candies

And it is ready! I love this recipe and hope you all do too. And for more chocolate pizza, check it out in my book Touch of the Gods: The Wager.

Kindle format

*Photos and recipe courtesy of

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Six Sentence Sunday: Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games by D. X. Luc

Let's continue our countdown until the release of the next installment of the Down the Yellow Brick Road saga, shall we?
Dorothy comes face to fang with a very cat like man. Who is this new stranger in the world of Oz?
Frozen she stared up at the muscled blond as he closed the distance between her and the weapon. His amber eyes were stunning while his cat like pupils skeeved her out. Dorothy wondered if he was something similar to Freeska but somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that wasn't the case.

He snarled then, a warning to back up and not make any sudden movements. She did, especially when she saw the long, thick fangs that were his canines. Where was Toto and why hadn't he come to save her yet?

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Gettin' Freaky Friday: Dahlia DeWinters sizzles the island with her book The Wisest Maiden

 Betrayed by his first wife, King Toridesh gives his new brides no
chance to deceive him.  After he marries a virgin of his choosing and
consummates the marriage, he has them killed.

As an only child, Issalia has been sheltered by her parents in an

attempt to shield her from their king’s murderous intent.  When her
mother falls ill, Issalia refuses to allow their market-stall be
closed for the day, knowing this one day of income stands between them
and poverty.
 While in disguise, the king spies the lovely Issalia in the
marketplace and takes her as his next bride. Will Issalia
succumb to the fate of the virgin brides before her, or will she be
able to break the king’s curse?

“Dearest King Toridesh.” She kept her voice low and sweet, punctuating her sentences with a sensuous slide of her tongue against his earlobe, toying with his earring. “My maiden entrance is small and delicate, too delicate to handle your royal phallus. I fear you would split me in two.” She pressed her lips against his hot, sweaty neck. “It is much too big, King Toridesh. I am afraid.”

As she spoke, he settled into a slow sensuous rhythm, using the friction of her hands to bring him closer to climax.

“The last thing I wish to do is hurt you, my Issalia. My only desire is to bring you pleasure.”

Issa took one of the king’s hands and placed it on her bare breast, encouraging him to knead and pinch the hard peak. Bolts of pleasure darted through her body, setting her mind reeling. Desire anew bloomed between her thighs and she shifted them against each other to give herself some relief even as she endeavored to bring Toridesh to climax.

He plunged his hand between her sticky inner thighs and toyed with her damp curls, his fingers seeking the deeper heat within. “You are ready for me, Issalia,” he exhaled against her skin. “As I am ready for you.”

Faint with desire, her body burning under his touch, Issalia realized she had to do something quickly or else she would allow Toridesh to take her, right now. As it was, she could barely remain standing, her knees shook so. She shifted position, angling her body away from his fumbling yet expert fingers.

She stroked faster until Toridesh panted against her neck, each pull on his flesh eliciting a tortured groan from his throat. His hands still rested against her breast and between her thighs but passion and wine had rendered him near helpless. One final press and he climaxed, moaning against her neck and spilling over her hands, hot and sticky.

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Thoughtful Thursday: There's no "I" in "Promotion"....Oh wait, yeah there is.

I have finished my second blog tour for Touch of the Gods: The Wager and of course, I'm so very thankful to those who hosted me. I also want to congratulate those who won from the contests during my tour and trust me, I am getting your stuff out to you. My kids took all my packaging envelopes and turned them into various make believe clothing.

Now, onto what this post is really about. Promoting. Yeah, crazy stuff and almost makes me wish I could write synopsis all day long! Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but it can take more time than even writing a book. And I realize, while there are avenues to help with marketing my books, it's all "me" that sees to it the world finds out about it.

There is plenty of "I" when it comes to finding readers that can love your book. This is something that's important with anything that you love or find to be important. When trying out for a job, we work hard to "sell" ourselves to the employer that we're the best. It's no different when marketing a book.

I won't lie, I had this crazy idea that when I finished my first book, I'd become a big time. I'd have MILLIONS of fans and then get a movie deal. You know, crazy fantasy world idealogy. Then, of course, reality  sets in and I discover, no one knows me at this point in time. I'm just a small fish floating in a ocean of other fish. How can I stand out?

That's where busting my ass in promotions come off. But I have to do it without seeming like I'm too desperate. Not only does it seem spammy to readers, it tires me out too. I know however, I can't just not market. It's a never ending process to maintain sales and awareness that I am truly an author.

Note: You can tell people you meet in the street that you write books, but if you don't have a way to really *show* it, your words don't matter.

Example of that note, is when I google my book Touch of the Gods: The Wager I am able to find links upon links on pages from blogs, reviews, Goodreads, and Amazon of the title. So if I give my business card, mention the book by name, a reader can find it easily.

That is all because of my promoting. I did all that. Me. Because I love my books. I care about their well being (yeah my books are babies). So I make sure to really put myself out there so that I can one day become that big time author. With a possible chance at one day seeing my work hit the big screen.

One day right?

Until then, I continue my writing before my next book comes out. Then of course, I'm going to be back at it with my new novella Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home comes out September 14th.

Don't believe me? Think I'm yankin' ya chain? Well, while I've just finished promoting my one book Hot Shots, I'm doing this now.

I'm busy at work writing another book.

Hope you enjoyed this segment of Thoughtful Thursday! Have a great day!

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Woohoo!! I'm on a best seller's list? This is my thank you!


I know I've been slacking on my blogging duties, but I promise, I'm not abadoning my darling fans. I've just been swamped in my little writing cave here on the island. I've even shooed away the cabana boys to get to work. I'm working hard on getting more great stories out to the world, to my readers and future readers.

But I'm writing this particular post because, well, I'm STOKED!! I found out today that Touch of the Gods: The Wager is in the top 100 best sellers on Amazon's Erotica list. That's something that has never happened for me before. It's quite the feeling but I couldn't have gotten it there on my own. An author is merely the crazy person who is seen in front. But we have those in the background that are the true heroes, I believe, for taking our nutty ideas and turning them into a work of art. This is my thank you to them.

So, thank you Bonnie a.k.a Wicked Wowza Leanore. You saw something in my story, in me, that many didn't. My fear that the world wasn't ready for a book based on Greek mythology was put at ease because of your words and guidance.

As my editor, you cleaned up the rough edges and took a rock of coal, then turned it into a diamond. That truly what you did for Touch of the Gods. You made it shine. I can't really find any other words for the things you've done even after that other than a big, fat, THANK YOU!!

My next thank you goes to my friends. You know, a lot of my friends are authors and even when they are busy being tortured by their own manuscripts, they took the time out to help me with blog tours, promoting my book, and just being in my corner. They really pushed me, in a good way, to be myself and not worry about the haters when they came by.

They know who they are and the ones who aren't authors? Well, they stuck by and supported me by actually buying my book and telling their friends. They gave me honest feedback which was the best thing of all. They helped make Touch of the Gods what it is. And what is it? Well with 13 ratings on Amazon with an average of 5 stars and in the top 100 best sellers, they made it magic for all that read it.

What you all are!
Finally, and of course never the least I have to thank my fans, the readers. Your love and support has been the wall to support the house built by us all. The house of my dream as an author with a now best selling book. You have no idea how much you've helped me grow to believe in all that I do because you held faith in me.

From the reviews, to the word of mouth, you my dears, made Touch of the Gods a success that I couldn't have imagined to happen. And because of that, my other books both old and newly published are also being recognized more. That's because of all of YOU!! So free drinks for a week here at the island for all that you've done. I can never, ever thank you enough.

Touch of the Gods: The Wager thanks you too. Let's keep it on the best seller's list if we can! Spread the word, tell whoever is willing to listen. I couldn't have gotten here without any of you!

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Kindle link:

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Getting Freaky Friday: Get tied up with Bonnie Bliss!


Millie Newton has been in love with her neighbor and best friend, Brad Cooper for as long as she can remember. She harbored a secret crush for years, hoping for the one chance with him. It was stolen from her when he enlisted in the Marines, and was sent away. The last time he was home on leave she missed him. This time, at the 4th of July block party she knows it is her chance to get what she wants. Only a surprise has come along with Brad, his buddy, Kenny Willet. She has no clue that Brad is a Dominant in the BDSM scene in Chicago, and Kenny is a Sexual Sadist. Millie simply decides its time. When Brad and Kenny decide they want her together, fireworks erupt in a 4th of July spectacular that none of them anticipated.


“Shh, sweetheart, nothing to worry about, we got ya.”

Her heart was pounding so hard, she swore that it was going to burst right from her chest. Kenny’s hand had smoothed up her stomach and come to rest just below her right breast. His lips brushed over her earlobe and his hot breath was like fire against her flesh. Brad leaned in and both his hands gripped her tight and started to move higher, and higher. If anyone looked over at them, they would see Kenny hugging her from behind, and Brad just leaning in like he was whispering to her. It was still scandalous, the neighbors would talk, her brother would see. Oh, God, but she didn’t care in the least. Blocked from view Kenny’s palms cupped both her breasts, her tight buds stabbed into his palms and he growled into her ear and nipped her earlobe. Millie whimpered, a tiny plea slipped free. God she would let them both have her any way they wanted.

“Please, more.” Just as the fingers from Brad’s right hand slipped into the legs of her shorts, the tips brushing over the silk covered cunt, a voice broke through her moment, and she could have screamed.

They were gone. Both had turned away from her and were eating in silence. Well, Kenny was laughing and shaking his head with a mouth full of burger.

“Um, hey Millie.”

It was Rick Tanner. They had all gone to school with him, and as of late he seemed to take a liking to Millie.

Maybe that’s because he had already gone through all the other girls in town.

Daring a look over at Brad, who glanced at her out of the corner of his eye and smirked. One hand dropped under the table, and resumed the torturous trek up to cover her cunt. Millie took a deep breath, just as Kenny’s hand gripped her other thigh. Unable to turn around, she just turned her head till she could see the handsome blonde that smiled at her with his too perfect white teeth, and bright blue eyes.

“Hey, Rick. Happy Fourth of July.”

One pair of fingers reached the hem of her shorts and snaked up through the leg. One digit pressed firmly against her slit through the silk of her panties.

“What do you need, Rick? I have to go help my mom once I eat.”

“I just wanted to see if you wanted to watch the fireworks with me?”

A finger edged into her panties, she squealed, Kenny laughed and took another bite of burger, and she knew that it was his fingers that dared beyond the border of her panties and was now trying to find her pulsing clit.

“Yeah, I think that sounds good.”

Millie had no clue what he just asked her. But she felt the answering pinch on her clit and a deep protesting curse from Brad.

“I mean, I’m busy,’ her eyelids fluttered. “Sorry.”

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Six Sentence Sunday and a few more for Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games by D. X. Luc

He massaged them building up on the pressure until he was practically squeezing them. The dull pain didn't bother her as she would have thought and by the time T moved to tug at the nipples Dorothy nearly came on the spot. He resumed massaging them with shifts from rough to soft playing havoc on her sensory system before stopping to cup her breasts like a bustier would.

“Reason one why you're my perfection. These stunning breasts and how they fit my hands just right. I could play with them day and night without ever growing tired.” To drive the point home, Toto pinched the nipples between his fingers and twisted them until she groaned.

He dropped his hands down her body outlining her curves and dips. “Reason number two. You aren't a starving girl but a real woman with real meat. I could nibble on you forever and never crave another.”

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sexy character introduction for my upcoming release Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games

So as I mentioned before, a while back, Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games has been contracted. I finally got a tentative release date of September 14th!

I've decided to let everyone meet one of the newer characters in this second installment along with a little excerpt.

Meet Oestar!

A shadowed figure stood frozen in the back doorway and Toto knew it watched them. Whatever it was towered him a good six inches but he knew he wouldn't go down without a fight. Not when Dorothy still needed him and no amount of distance between them would stop him from protecting her. He snarled in the thing’s direction waiting for it to make any sudden movement. To his surprise, the sound of chuckling came from the stranger instead.

“No need to feel upset for my wife. She very much enjoys her position.” The voice was deep, hypnotic. One that demanded attention.

  The man attached to that voice finally came out from his hiding spot. The second the soft glow from the lamp lit his features, Toto heard heard Dorothy gasp. This time it wasn't in disgust.

  He couldn't fault her reaction as he too felt a slight pull at their new company. Toto had never felt attracted to men before, but this one was a definite exception. Standing next to the chair where Freeska knelt, he oozed with sexual allure. Tall and lean, his muscled were well defined beneath the black dress shirt, his thighs encased seductively in his slacks.

  His features were classical and refined, speaking volumes of his probably posh upbringing. Despite the stern countenance there was an unmistakable mischievous grin that quirked his lips. Toto felt if this man was anyone else, the floor length, black hair would have been comical, but he carried it with poise as he did the rest of his body.

  There was a lot to envy, Toto knew and truthfully, he did.

  Dorothy's perusal was in pure fascination which raised his hackles because he suddenly knew who the man was before them. An obvious Master, Freeska's lord somehow gained his mate's lust, while Toto was regarded with antipathy. Still flexing his fists in warning, he watched as their host casually closed the distance until he peered down at him.

  A true alpha move if he had ever seen one.

“Welcome to my home. I am glad my little slave was able to get to you in time.” As he spoke to them, he kept his gaze on Toto and to his shock, he saw the uniqueness of his eyes. Where the room's light hit the irises, they swirled like a prism of colors. Polychromatic eyes.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting Freaky Friday: Brian Collier introduces the Boys of Summer

Boys of Summer erotic romance anthology, published by Pink Petal Books
  • My story is called “An Enchanting Surprise”, which will be released as a stand alone novella after the anthology has been out for a few months.
Skie Wilson is a simple girl with simple tastes. Give her the job at the Cambridge Inn, her outrageous best friend, some puzzles, and a beer, and she's good to go. Of course, the one thing missing from that mix is passion and heat—the kind that makes her heart race, her toes curl, and her body tingle.

Jaded by a cheating fiancé, Skie has avoided commitment ever since. No man has caught her eye enough to make her change her mind, at least not until the Spanish Olympic team arrives for their last summer of training before the event. The scorching hot athletes offer quite the temptation, with their sweat-glistened muscles and taut bodies, but one sinfully sexy triathlete captures Skie’s attention the most. Will she hide behind the safety of the inn’s “no fraternization” rule, or will she let her hair down and have a little fun?


Time crawled by, the hours ticking off, but Skie got nothing else done that day. Oh, she worked of course, puttering about here and there, but her mind was only on Rafe. It was all she could think about – his body, his touch, their kiss – and she moved like a mindless robot through each task.
When she glanced at her watch and saw that it was almost five o’clock, her heart skipped a beat. Dropping her clippers where she stood, she sucked in a breath and tried to calm nerves. It was time and she knew it.
Skie was halfway to the back of the pool house when she suddenly realized how dirty she looked. It was too late to do anything about it now. Hopefully, Rafe would appreciate a woman that worked hard in all the things that she did.
Weaving her way around the inn, she approached their designated spot, making sure no one was around. Aside from a few guests, the place looked pretty empty.
Smiling, she arrived but immediately saw she was alone, a sense of sorrow invading her. Closing her eyes against the sting of pain that stabbed at her heart, Skie grimaced, knowing she’d let her emotions betray her again. As embarrassment caused her shoulders to slump, a single tear filled one of her eyes.
She was about to turn around and head inside when she felt something clamp down on her shoulders and push her toward the wall.
Gasping, Skie braced against the concrete surface, sucking in a breath when she felt a hard body touch hers. The minute he spoke though, her limbs went weak and she almost moaned.
“Mmmm, I wasn’t sure if you were going to come.” Rafe slipped an arm around her waist and drew her back against him. With her rear nestled against his crotch, Skie bit her lower lip to keep a whimper from slipping out.
“Not come?” she murmured in return. “God, it’s all I’ve thought about all afternoon, Rafe. I was upset when I didn’t see you here.”
“I’m here now, Skie,” he whispered against her skin, his mouth hovering near her neck, “and you’re all I’ve thought of today too.” The minute the words were out, he placed his lips against her skin and gently kissed it. She shuddered at the feeling and pressed her hips backward, a moan coming out when a second kiss landed higher.
“Rafe…I….” she lost the words to a whimper as his lips slid to her earlobe next, tongue darting out to tease it.
“Don’t say anything” he murmured in response. “Just let me…please you.” Closing his lips over her lobe, he slowly suckled on it. At the same time, his hips moved lightly against hers as his arm pulled back on her waist possessively. When he finally released her ear, he spoke again.
“I want to devour you. To take my time and explore every square inch of you. I’ve wanted to do it from the moment I saw you that first time.” Releasing his hold on her waist, Rafe used his strong hands to turn her around and press her back against the wall. Leaning in, he stopped mere centimeters from her lips. “I can’t do all of that right now but I can do this.”
Leaning in, he pressed his mouth to hers again. The kiss started off tender, his lips exploring hers but then grew more heated, tongue darting out to tease against her lower lip, wanting entrance. Skie raised her hands and gripped at his shirt, holding him tight while she opened her mouth. A groan of want slipped out.
His touch deepened as their mouths and tongues danced together in a molten moment of need, Rafe taking all that he wanted and giving her back just as much.
Skie felt like she would melt where she stood as her body trembled and her muscles weakened. Her blood was slowly simmering to a full boil, heart pounding a staccato beat, sending nothing but blazing heat straight to her core.
The need to feel him there was strong, almost too intense to handle. As much as she liked Rafe though, Skie didn’t want their first time to be against a concrete wall, no matter how much she needed it.
He was the first to break their contact, pulling back slowly, gripping her lower lip with his teeth as he did and tugging on it. Keeping his gaze locked on hers, the man sucked in a few deep breaths, his body shuddering.
Skie could only look at him breathlessly, having never been kissed quite like that, her body languid.
A slow smile slid into place as he took another kiss, this one just as passionate and needy as the first. The moment they came together, he dropped his hand to her shirt and slowly slid up it, rough fingers teasing along its surface with determination.
Skie knew a moment was coming that she wouldn’t forget. Part of her was scared shitless. No one had touched her in ages but she craved it now. When his palm finally closed over her breast and massaged it, her wanton body bucked hard against his as a deep, sensual moan slipped out.
They made out like teenagers while his strong hand slowly explored her body. It started with one breast and then the other, and slowly ended with his hand between her legs, lightly rubbing her body through her pants. Rafe dropped his mouth to her neck then, nibbling and kissing it, and all Skie could do was moan in response, beyond coherent.
Dios…Skie…I just want to rip these pants off you and take you right now,” he murmured after coming up for air again. “You have me so hot, baby. It’s driving me nuts.”
Skie tried to form words but all she could manage was to move her hips against his hand, lost to the sensations he caused. She was seconds away from an orgasm, her body on fire, but she finally managed to gasp a few words.
“Rub…harder” she hissed, her hips moving faster now, trying to force her pussy against his fingers. Rafe finally got the message and pressed his hand harder against her, rubbing against the crotch of her pants with force.
“Mmm, come on, Skie….feel my fingers….I want you to cum for me, baby.” His voice was hoarse, the words almost a command. “Look at me. I want to stare into your eyes when it happens.”
Skie forced her eyes open, staring into his, a wave of heat washing through her. She’d never been this turned on before, never felt her body react like this, and she lost herself to the moment, her body grinding against his frantically until it happened.
The orgasm came swift and hard as it raced through her system with abandon and lit her body on fire. She opened her mouth and a scream started to slip out. Rafe clamped his mouth over hers immediately, smothering that cry, his fingers never stopping, not until he felt her go over the top and start to slide back down.
When her body finally began to relax against his, he took his mouth away, an easy smile on his face. Slipping his hand out from between her legs, he reached for her and pressed her palm against his crotch.
“That…was erotic as hell, Skie,” he whispered, never taking his gaze off hers. “Feel what you did to me.” She cupped him lightly, another moan slipping past her lips.
“I want you, Skie. I want to fuck you nice and slow the first time and then take you hard and fast the second. I want to feel your nipples under my tongue and your pussy wrapped around my shaft. Do you want that too?”
Skie could only whimper in response, nodding like a drunken idiot.
His smile widened at her response. He leaned in, pressing his lips to her ear. “Tomorrow night, in my room. Be there before eleven. I can’t wait, Skie.” Pulling away from her, Rafe placed a gentle kiss on her lips before turning to leave.
Skie reached out quickly and grabbed his arm, pulling him back. “No, too dangerous. My place, same time.” Rattling off the address quickly, she smiled and slid along the wall. “I’ll send a taxi to pick you up. Stay here for a few minutes and let me go first.” With that, she moved around the edge of the building on shaky legs, putting distance between them.

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Thoughtful Thursday is my turn to blog for Touch of the Gods: The Wager!

Yay!! It's my turn to give a go at posting for my blog tour hosted by the lovely Fiona Druce and Buffy Kennedy! I have to say, it's been amazingly fun and I can't thank them enough, all those who have hosted me as well, for the support and love given for my release Touch of the Gods: The Wager.

 For my post, I'm going to post a sneak peek from the sequel~ Touch of the Gods: Shadow of Desire.

But first, meet our dejected hero, Himeros.

Okay then. Done drooling? Maybe? That's good enough! Enjoy this snippet and then below enter the contest for one lucky winner to receive a signed bookmark, trading cards with candy, a Team Ares rubber bracelet, and a $5 Amazon giftcard.

Touch of the Gods: Shadow of Desire

A stinging blow knocked me away from her prone body and stars burst behind my eyes. Through the dizziness, I saw my father stare in horror that the lovely girl had sacrificed herself for me. My mother whispered in his ear and soon he lifted his blood red eyes to where I weakly rested on the floor by my bed. Like a wild beast, Ares stalked toward me and I knew, if I didn't do something quick, he would kill me as my mother wanted.
With the little bit of energy I could muster, I gave the goddess one last look of sadness before flashing both myself and Adriano away. We fell through a dark vortex, my wings flapping to maintain leverage as we plummeted.
I had no clue as to where we were going but soon watched as lush green hills came into view below me. Reaching out, I wrapped my arms around the now unconscious form of the nymph-pig, shifting until my body was under her and holding tight waited for the impact.
The pain that jarred my bones when I landed in a crater slowly filling with water nearly did me in but I managed to hold on and not black out. It took several hours to climb from the lake I created and even longer to find a suitable stable to squeeze my large god body into. Gently I rested Adriano in a pile of hay and shrank down to a comfortable size. Breathing heavily I looked over and went to touch the nymph to make sure she was okay only to find my hand no longer had flesh.
It was a dusky shadow. Jumping to my feet, I panted as I patted my body all of which was also black mist. “What? Why?” I tried focusing but nothing changed.
A flash of light blinded me momentarily and I pulled back to hide in the dark corner. The golden woman sashayed toward me, stopping briefly to study Adriano's limp body.
“Mother, help me! Tell Ares the truth and help me be normal again.” I floated out to face her.
Her eyes held no love in them as she regarded me. Aphrodite stayed silent for what seemed like forever before she finally sighed. “You were never normal, Himeros. Love has no place for something like you.”
The goddess's words cut me deep. I moved closer only to have her back away. “Why did you do this to me, mom? How can I come home now if Ares will try to kill me if he sees me?”
She shrugged nonchalantly. “I really don't care if he does or doesn't. I just like toying with him. Things were getting to be so boring between us. I thought to spice things up. And what better way than to see if he loved me enough by killing his own son.” Aphrodite smiled dreamily. “It's so very romantic really.”
My anger reared to life. “You bitch! This isn't a game!”
Blindly I lunged at her but passed through when she faded away leaving the trace smell of lavender and careless laughter. In the darkness of the barn, the animals all slept and I, Himeros god of uncontrollable desire, was outcast and alone.


Did you all enjoy that? Anyway, thanks for joining me today and good luck. Just answer the question! Hope you get some comments on what you thought of the tiny peek into the sequel!

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Story Corner Saturday: My newest release Hot Shots is here and already with its first review!

I know I usually have an episode of Jo's story here, but I wanted to celebrate the release of my new anthology Hot Shots. It's two short erotic tales in one book for only 99 cents!!


The heat is on with two short erotic stories to leave you sweating and aching.

Spring Cleaning
Join Leanore as she explores all the excitement that can be had when the organization bug hits. For this editor, spring cleaning takes on a new level of naughty play that leaves her wanting more. And her game is heightened with the voyeuristic assistance of a sexy, sinful neighbor.

Summer's Break
While his friends are enjoying their time at the beach, Gordon Summer is stuck volunteering for extra credit with his horrible boss. Lucky for him, this young college student's lunch break becomes a lesson of submission. His teacher....the boss's hot, cougar wife.

Already this book has gained serious attention and received its first 5 star review. Read that review here and get yourself a copy!

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