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The Island is open and back in action! I have something new to share

It's been just about forever since I've been back to the Island. Silly life has gotten in the way. You know how it is.

The holidays are upon us and I do hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and are enjoying your Hanukkah. I ate far too much that's for sure.

Now, at the Island, we're decorating for Solstice and Christmas because hey, who doesn't love double the gifts?! And of course....

Image courtesy of Apolonia/
PIE!!! Pumpkin is my favorite. What's yours?

Which ever it is, we'll make sure to have it.

So, what's new? Well, there is my latest release Hunters of Seraphim: Jadin. A futuristic sexiness to be read. This story received a 4.5 star rating from Paranormal Romance Guild!

Touch of the Gods: The Wager is still doing well and if you haven't gotten your copy, please click on the link below and grab your copy!

Both books are also available in paperback.

I've started writing the sequel to the Touch of the Gods trilogy. It's going well I think.

Also, I have opened my very own Etsy store Sensual Restraints Scarves & More. I'd love for all of you to check it out. I'll be adding more listings in the near future.

Anyway, I'll be updating sporadically with contests, specials, and new books. Life is really busy right now so I'm traveling from the Island back to home often. Remember to check out the links below!

Hunters of Seraphim: Jadin

In the year 4411, females dominate the world. Men are now the weaker sex and all roles have been reversed. 

Angela is an accomplished defense attorney and has grown up in this society, but she craves something more. She secretly yearns for a strong male. One that will bend her to his will. 

Nestled on and island far from the world Angela knows are a group of mighty Hunters. Primitive, fierce, and oh so male, they each wait for the goddess Seraphim to grant them a mate. 

After waking from a drug induced sleep, Angela finds herself on this jungle island, playing a game of cat and mouse with Jadin...the sexiest man she's ever seen. 

He claims she's his, but she wants the right to choose. Will Angela be able to give into her heart's desire or will a lifetime of embedded teachings prevent her from having the man of her dreams?

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Touch of the Gods: The Wager

When love and war make a little wager, what could possibly go wrong?

I am Hephaestus. God inventions, blacksmiths, and volcanoes. Sounds like I'm awesome right? Well, I'm not. In fact, I'm the loser of Olympus and a new bachelor to boot. Living the single life is great until a decade passed. Honestly if my divorce from the Goddess of Love wasn't bad enough, I am still being rejected by other women of my home. 

Because of an incessant need to make me a pawn in his game, my brother Ares convinces Eros to make a little bet. A wager that puts my lack of love life to the test. Sent to Earth, I'm skeptical, when suddenly I lose myself in the sensual scent and beauty of the full bodied Vanessa. She is my everything, my perfection.

Sadly, from a single caress upon her silky flesh, I sent our lives into a downward spiral or hell. To save her, I must get beyond my demons of the past. And to save me, she will have to decide if I'm worth giving up everything for. 

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My New Etsy Store

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What Ya Got To Talk About Wednesdays: Morgan Percy from Genevieve Scholl

Hey look at that beautiful bird.

Gosh, I really  love bird watching. That's a stunning cardinal, isn't it? As much as I'd love to stay and enjoy this beauty of nature, I have to get back to the lodge to welcome my guest. I do hope my staff has gotten everything prepared for the newcomer. The last thing I like is a messy Island!

Ah, yes, they've done wonderfully for tonight. I love the lanterns. Lovely touch indeed.

Oh dear, word has just come in that my guest is here! Let's all sit and welcome the beautiful, generous Morgan Percy!!!

Welcome to my Island. Enjoy the drinks offered. Now, let's begin!

D. X. Luc: How did you feel when you found out your story was going to be told?

Morgan: I worried that people were going to call me stupid or wimpy for marrying Vincent, just because my father asked me to, but then I realized that it didn’t matter what people thought of me, because I did it for love. Besides, if it wasn’t for marrying Vincent, I never would have met Elliot and fallen in love.

D: Did the author do a decent job?

M: Yes, I feel that Genevieve did a wonderful job of telling my story. It was so wonderful to relive the memories of finding Elliot, falling in love, and ultimately finding happiness.

D: What would you say is the most wonderful part about being you?

M: I’m a dark horse. I might surprise you with the things that I can do or think. I certainly surprised Elliot a few times.

D: What is the most negative?

M: Sigh, I have never been the kind of woman to stand up for herself. I’ve always done whatever I could to make everyone else happy and never thought about myself. Slowly, Elliot is teaching me how to balance both, but I still have the tendency to think about others first. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, because everyone can use a little kindness and help in their lives every now and then, but when it effects me negatively, I really am hurting myself. Just like when I married Vincent, in order to save my father’s business. I just wanted Papa Bear to be happy.

D: If you could pick any dessert to eat, which would that be?

M: Hmmmm, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I’m more partial to cheeses and breads. My mom used to make this lemon bread that was to die for! It was still a little sweet, but the fresh lemon flavor practically melted in your mouth. She used lemon zest in the bread mix and lemon juice on top, where she sprinkled crystallized sugar. Delicious… I really miss my mom’s cooking.

D: How would you eat said dessert? Can I be part of the experience?

M: I’ll bake you some sometime. It won’t be as good as my mom’s, because the original recipe is gone, but I think I can pretty much recreate it.

D: What scares you?

M: Death… Not mine; others.

D: What makes you smile?

M: Elliot. Before I met him, I hadn’t genuinely smiled in a long time. Now, I can’t help but smile every time he walks in the room.

D: Are you thinking of starting a family?

M: Elliot and I haven’t talked about it yet, but I’ve always wanted to be a mother.

D: Do you know anyone single who might be needing a personal "get to know D. X. Luc" session?

M: I’m not quite sure what you mean by this question, so I’m just going to say that everyone on The Birds of Paradise Rescue Team could probably benefit from an interview. None of them express their feelings very well and really need to get themselves out there more. Not that I have much room to talk, but I’m really enjoying talking with you. There’s even a relationship brewing between two of the members of the team. It’s sort of a secret, but the chemistry between them is undeniable.

D: Can we plan on hearing more from you in the future?

M: Oh, yes. All of the rest of the team will be having their stories told and I will be popping up every now and then ;-)

Say the first word that comes to mind

Thong- tight

Sand- dollar

Tree- branch

Red- hair (like mine J )

Fun- house

Lame- ummmm…

Wow, thanks so much for that awesome interview! I hope everyone here enjoyed it. Want to read Morgan's story? Go get your copy today!

Morgan Percy would do anything for her father; including marrying a man she didn't love.
But, when she sees her new husband doing something unexplainable, she runs...Right into Elliot Brown's house and arms. Then, after finding out that it was dark magic she had witnessed, she enlists the help of The Birds of Paradise Rescue Team. Except, they decide that she has to go undercover to gain more information on her husband and who he truly is so they can take him down.

The only problem is, during the course of the investigation, Morgan and Elliot start to have feelings for each other, but have to keep it secret from her husband; who also happens to be Elliot's father.


photo credit: Eric Bégin via photopin cc

photo credit: macetech via photopin cc

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What Ya Got To Talk About Wednesdays: Roy Fulton from Jamallah Bergman's Constant Surprises

Hey, you won't believe this?! I just got a wrong number phone call and it was quite interesting. I got to have a chat with a dolphin who was calling for his wife!


Anyway, it's Wednesday and do I have a treat. Roy Fulton, hero and sexy yumness (new word I made up) has come to my Island. There are lots of women waiting for him.

See, happy ladies huh? Anyway, let's listen to sexy Roy, shall we?

D. X. Luc: How did you feel when you found out your story was going to be told?

Roy: Well when Jamallah told me that she was going to write my own story, I really thought she was crazy. I told her who would want to read about me going back home to Herington. But then she told me that a lot of ladies enjoyed the first story “Sorry…Wrong Number”, they said that they really fell for me in that story and wanted to know more about me. I was completely shocked because I was telling her, “Who would want to read about me?”

D: Did the author do a decent job?

R: Oh she did an excellent job, I know Amie was very impressed by what she had written. Some of the scenes between me and Amie were so hot that honestly it got her so hot and bothered that we….well…you get the idea.

D: What would you say is the most wonderful part about being you?

R: That I have a great support system as far as my family is concerned. My family has always been there for me through thick and thin. Even when I moved to Chicago to get money for my farm, they helped me out so much during that time.

D: What is the most negative?

R: When I didn’t get the courage when I was young to really let Amie know how much she meant to me. I hated that it took us this long to get back together.

D: What is the best quality on a woman?

R: The way she moves and the way she talks. Whenever I go to the restaurant for lunch, I watch Amie walking around and I notice everything about how she walks. How sometimes she has a little sway in her hips, it’s nothing that not a lot of people would notice, but I sure notice it all the time I watch her. I honestly think she does it for me and only me. When Amie and I are either alone or with other people, I enjoy listening to her talk, her voice is, hmmm, how do they call it, captivating and mesmerizing too. I could listen to her talk just about anything. She’s lived a interesting life you know.

D: If you could pick any dessert to eat, which would that be?

R: Amie’s Super Duper Caramel Brownie Sundae. I remember the first time she made it for me when we were teens, me, my brother Steven, his girlfriend at the time and now wife Sandy and Amie’s parents had been over to Amie’s. She had made us this amazing dinner all by herself and then she asked us, “Are you guys ready for dessert?” Of course we were but I didn’t know how she could top such a delicious meal like that.

So she told us to close our eyes, which we all did and after a couple of minutes, she told us to open them and right there before us was the yummiest concoction I had ever seen in my entire life. It was warm and gooey and oh so good. I ate up the entire thing so quickly, I honestly got sick afterwards but man it was so worth it.

D: How would you eat said dessert? Can I be part of the experience?

R: Well I would have Amie feed to it me while in bed……I know that she wouldn’t mind if I fed you while in bed D X. Actually knowing her she would probably enjoy watching.

D: What scares you?

R: Losing the ones I love most in my life. I think a lot of us have that fear.

D: What makes you smile?

R: Amie of course makes me smile all the time….that and watching my twin nieces playing around the farm when they come to visit or we go and visit them.

D: Are you thinking of starting a family?

R: Of course, Amie and I have talked about that from time to time about having a family. Right now we want to enjoy each other before we decide to have a family.

D: Do you know anyone single who might be needing a personal "get to know D. X. Luc" session?

R: Hmmm…if I find someone D.X. Luc, I promise to send them over to you *winks*

D: Can we plan on hearing more from you in the future?

R: Well Jamallah talked with Amie and I about doing another book with us in it. Something about how our lives is after we are married. I can’t say anything more because Jamallah would kill me if I tell you anything else. But from what she has told me, there are some surprises involved with new people as well as old people.

Say the first word that comes to mind

Chocolate…..I’m sorry I have to have my sweet fix for the day and Amie is making my favorite when I get home from talking with you.

Constant Surprises

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What Ya Got To Talk About Wednesdays: Mack Kirk from Rosanna Leo's Selkie's Revenge

Oh I do love my island. Today is another day to interview a wonderful person, though I think I'm waiting at the wrong place. He told me to meet him at the beach's shore but I don't see a boat. You're probably wondering who I'm talking about. His name is Machar "Mack" Kirk and his story is told in the fabulous Rosanna Leo's sequel to the Orkney series Selkie's Revenge.

What's a Selkie? Well, it's a mythological creature that turns into a seal....oh wait? Is that why I haven't seen him? You know there's a seal on the rocks over there! Ha! It's Mack! Hello, friend!

So silly of me. Here he comes now.

I think he's ducking behind the rocks first. Strange. Ah, he's coming back and whoa mama!!!

Talk about abs that don't quit! Sorry, I must remain professional. Wish I could say the same for my guests.

Veronica has a gift for our sexy Selkie it would seem.

Gifts later, dear. First interview!!!

D. X. Luc: How did you feel when you found out your story was going to be told?

Mack: Well, lass, I must say I had my doubts. After all, we selkies live discreet lives among the human population. We don’t exactly advertise our existence in the local papers. Traditionally, to call a selkie, you need only cry 7 tears into the sea. It seems all you need to do now is pick up a book by Ms. Rosanna Leo!

D: Did the author do a decent job?

M: I do think my friend Rosanna did an admirable job in detailing my story with Beth. Although how she found out about all the sordid details from our bedroom is beyond me! Rosanna, have you set up some sort of spy camera? Because if you’d wanted to be included, darlin’, all you needed to do was ask. ;)

D: What would you say is the most wonderful part about being you?

M: I enjoy living the life of a selkie. Who wouldn’t? We live centuries-long lives with incredible stamina and good health. We’re stronger than humans and can tolerate incredible pain. I can eat all I want and not gain a pound. And lass, I can love you like you’ve never been loved before.

D: What is the most negative?

M: Let’s just say helping my Beth believe in my selkie nature was a bit of a challenge. Luckily, she’s a believer now.

D: What is the best quality on a woman?

M: Her soul. Not to sound too poetic, but I love a woman with a big heart and a capacity to love. (Offers up a randy smile) Of course, I’m also quite fond of round, womanly hips, but I’m trying not to be too superficial. ;)

D: If you could pick any dessert to eat, which would that be?

M: By St. Winifred’s knockers, I love a sweet crème brulee! Smeared on my lovely Beth’s stomach, it’s even more delicious.

D: How would you eat said dessert? Can I be part of the experience?

M: Well, darlin’, I belong to my woman, but for the sake of argument, let’s just say I’d start by feeding it to you. Of course, that’s after I’ve laid you naked on the dining room table. We might
get crème brulee in a few different places, so I hope you have no objection to getting sticky, love.

D: What scares you?

M: Losing my Beth. Full stop.

D: What makes you smile?

M: When Beth wakes up in the morning, but she’s not quite awake, and she reaches for me before doing anything else. Nothing makes me happier…and harder.

D: Are you thinking of starting a family?

M: (Offers a serious pause) Time will tell, although I would love to have a family with Beth. However, if you’ve read our story, you’ll know she’s experience heartache in her family life, so the last thing I’m going to do is rush her.

D: Do you know anyone single who might be needing a personal "get to know D. X. Luc" session?

M: Oh, love! Have I got a few single selkie brothers for you!

D: Can we plan on hearing more from you in the future?

M: I certainly hope so. I hear Ms. Leo is going to, ahem, attack my other brothers soon and I can’t wait to be there when she does!

On the beaches of Orkney, Scotland, an evil entity stalks mortal women. Machar “Mack” Kirk is a selkie man with a haunted past, one that has prompted him to become a hunter. He prowls the beaches at night, his arrows aiming for the finman who took his first love.
Beth Pedersen also watches the sea. The haunted widow has suffered losses of her own, ones that have crippled her into a state of stony grief. Beth can no longer feel, can no longer see color and life. Until the day Mack Kirk saves her from a mysterious foe, flooding her world with brightness and foreign temptation.
As Mack and Beth fight their inundating passion, the finman escalates his attacks. Before long, Mack realizes he’s not just playing Good Samaritan. He wants Beth, too, and will do anything to ensure his lover isn’t taken by the finman. But can he protect his mate from a monster with no soul?

As a torrent of emotion coiled up through her core, Beth kissed him. She barely understood his words, barely comprehended her own thoughts, but she knew she needed Mack’s mouth upon hers. She smashed her lips against his, and his tongue penetrated the warmth of her mouth, finding its home there. He slid his hands down her back to her bottom, and he groaned, digging into the soft flesh of her behind.
Desire and common sense raged a war inside her head. Common sense told her to pack a bag, purchase a ticket to New Smyrna, and leave Mack Kirk far behind. Desire told her to submit, and it was winning out by a mile. “I don’t know what to do. I need you to tell me what to do.”
He leaned in, smelling so sweet, like an exotic fruit she just needed to peel and gobble up. “Just let go, Beth. Just feel.”
She dared to look him in the eye. “I’m afraid to feel.”
“I know. For years I was too.” He brushed his lips against hers, and his tongue slipped out to caress between them, making her ache with such yearning. “But I’ll help you.”
Jamie and Edan arrived with beers. Edan gave Jamie a look as if knowing they’d interrupted something. “I’m heading back to the bar to try my luck with the luscious bartender.”
Jamie grimaced. “The old one with the beard?”
“Not him, you eejit,” Edan said with a grunt. “The female bartender. The one with the big…” He paused, looking at Beth. “Uh, bottle of vodka. Right, that one.” He dashed off.
Jamie winked at Beth. “I’ll get to her first.” With a smile, he was after his brother.
She leaned against Mack’s wall of a chest, wanting to lose herself in him. “Show me how to feel again.”
“With pleasure,” he growled into her ear. He nibbled her earlobe and then proceeded to slide back out of the booth.
“Where are you going?” she asked, already needy for his touch again.
“Just to the jukebox,” he replied, grinning. “You are going to dance with me. And feel.”
She watched, glued to her seat as Mack inserted a couple of coins into the jukebox and selected a song. He turned to her, his lips curled in a grin. As the first rolling guitar chords of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” washed over her, making her want to move, Mack beckoned to her with a finger.
Beth’s body moved toward him, responding like a homing pigeon diving toward its destination. He pulled her into his arms and they swayed. Beth had never danced so closely with a man to anything but a romantic ballad, but Mack wouldn’t break contact with her. He moved his hard body against hers, his hands on her hips, and his erection was a thick temptation grinding against her stomach. She had to fight the need to drop to her knees, rip down his jeans, and take his cock deep in her throat. The urge, and the depth of emotion accompanying it, made her light-headed. He turned her away from the bar area toward the nearest wall and slid his hands over the curve of her bottom. His fingers dug into her ass, and Beth had to remind herself they were in public. She wanted him to nail her right to the wall. Through the damn wall. She needed him inside her at all costs.
He felt so good.
My mate. Could it be?
He lowered his head so he could whisper against her ear. “Do you feel me, Beth? Do you feel my desire throbbing against you? My need to be joined to you again?”
The song reached its crescendo, and his hips rolled against hers in a heady foreshadowing of what he would do to her the next time they were alone. Beth closed her eyes. The way he moved was sinful. She imagined devils from the most depraved circles of hell might dance in such a fashion. All of a sudden, even her soft leggings felt tight and restrictive. She wanted them off. She wanted no barrier between their bodies. As if sensing her need, Mack reached a discreet hand toward her breast and located her distended nipple through her tunic. He tugged and she had to bite her lip not to cry out.
“Take me home, Mack,” she begged in an unfamiliar, wanton voice. “I want to feel more.”

Buy Links:

About the author

Rosanna Leo has her degree in history and literature, as well as in classical singing. She currently resides in Toronto, Canada. Her favorite things are her family, libraries, and her mother's gnocchi. Rosanna loves it when the geeky, awkward girl gets the hot guy, and has made it her mission to see this happen in her books as much as possible.

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What Ya Got To Talk About Wednesdays: Kal and Katherine from Prophecy's Child is here!

Oh man! I've read the first book Love's Prophecy and now, we've got quite a treat! The wonderful couple of the sequel Prophecy's Child have made it to my Island! You know, it's bustling here getting what is needed to welcome our guests Kal and Katherine. The buffet is ridiculously overloaded!!

I'll have to get over there later! Yum yummy!

But first, let's say hello to Kal

and Katherine

I know, they're so cute huh?

Come you two. Talk to us all! Let us into your world.

D. X. Luc:  How did you feel when you found out your story was going to be told?

Kal: I said, about F-ing time. Nah, just kidding. But I’ll admit, I was a little pissed about how I was portrayed in Mel’s story—Love’s Prophecy. I kinda came across as an idiot. So when it was my turn to tell my story—set a few things straight—I was excited. I think Brenda showed my true colors in Prophecy’s Child.

Katherine: I was thrilled. Well, not at first. I didn’t want my—our—dirty laundry out there for the world to read. But like Kal said, Brenda did a wonderful job telling the true story.

D: Did the author do a decent job?

Kal: Totally. Brenda did a wicked job.

Katherine: I agree. She did a wonderful job. I’m very happy with the outcome.

D: What would you say is the most wonderful part about being you?

Kal laughs: Just look at me. I’m freaking gorgeous. Nah, scrap that—I’m only joking. Seriously though. The best thing about being me is my wife, Katherine, and our son, Ike. I’m the luckiest son-of-a-bitch alive.

Katherine chuckles and shakes her head*: See what I have to put up with? Anyway, the most wonderful part of being me is how happy and in love I am. Corny, but true.

D: What is the most negative?

Kal: The way I crack jokes. Sometimes I can be pretty childish.

Katherine: I’d have to say, the way I always think of the worst first. What I mean is I’m quick to jump to a negative conclusion. Kal’s helping me change that.

Kal: Damn right I am.

D: What is the best quality on a woman?

Kal’s face reddens. He glances at Katherine and smiles: The only woman’s “qualities” I care about are Katherine’s.

Katherine laughs and leans her head on Kal’s shoulder: Good answer.

D:  If you could pick any dessert to eat, which would that be?

Kal: Apple pie with ice-cream.

Katherine: Chocolate Cheesecake.

D: How would you eat said dessert? Can I be part of the experience?

Kal roars with laughter: Oh man, D X Luc. You’re a freaking pistol. Are you trying to get me in shit—I mean trouble? As for how I would eat it, probably with a spoon.

Katherine covers her mouth to hold in her laugh: Great question, D X Luc. I love seeing Kal squirm. And I’m sure he has...eaten desert with many different women in his life.

Kal: Bullshit. *He smiles*: I was a virgin when we met.

Katherine: Right. And I’m a millionaire. *Laughs.*

D: What scares you?

Kal: Katherine’s temper. Seriously. The only thing that freaks me out is losing my wife and son.

Katherine: I’m scared every night when Kal goes out demon hunting. I’m also scared for the future when Ike will become one of the chosen warriors. I try to be okay with it, but...

Kal pulls her close to him and kisses her head.

D: What makes you smile?

Kal: Playin’ video games with Ike. That kid not only inherited my stunning looks, but also my skill at video games. Christ, he can even beat me in some games.

Katherine: Watching Ike and Kal play games—and listening to them laugh and tease each other. They’re so similar, it’s sort of scary.

D:  Are you thinking of starting a family?

Kal: Thinking? Hell, we’re trying for another kid like crazy. I’m hoping for a little girl this time.

Katherine’s cheeks pinken: As Kal said so eloquently, we are trying for another child.

D:  Do you know anyone single who might be needing a personal "get to know D. X. Luc"

Kal laughs: Yep. Black. That dude needs some serious bed-time with a woman. I can’t remember the last time he got some. I’d suggest Ace, but that guy is a solid prick. Black’s a good guy. You’d like him.

Katherine: What about Sin?

Kal: Nah. He’s an arrogant asshole.

Katherine: He is—but he’s hot.

Kal: What? You think he’s hot?

Katherine: Not for me—I mean for D X Luc.

Kal: Suuuure. She doesn’t want to be set up with Sin—I wouldn’t wish that on any woman.

Katherine: What about Soren, then?

Kal: Hmmm, I forgot about him. But he gets enough action—and he isn’t interested in anything heavy.

D: Can we plan on hearing more from you in the future?

Kal: Oh, you’ll be seeing us around, I’m sure.

Say the first word that comes to mind

Katherine: I’ll leave these for Kal to answer.

Thong: Katherine

Sand: Castle

Tree: Demon

Red: Katherine’s red satin bra and skimpy panties.

Fun: Video games

Lame: Mel’s face--*laughs* Just kidding. I hate the saying YOLO—you only live once. Shit, that annoys the crap out of me.

Katherine: Thank you, D X Luc for having us on your site. It was a pleasure.

Kal: Yeah, thanks, chick. It was fun.

Kal looks out at the audience: If ya wanna learn more about Katherine and me—and the shit we went through—grab a copy of Prophecy’s Child.

Thanks for joining us you two! You sure had me cracking up. Oh how I'd like to meet this Black gentleman. He should come to the Island sometime.

Want to read their story? Check this out below!


His secret will shatter her world.
Katherine Colby’s life splintered ten years ago when her lover suddenly vanished, leaving her with more than a broken heart. But when Kal unexpectedly makes an appearance, her safe, dependable existence is shattered once more. Drawn into Kal’s deadly world of vampires and demons, she must now put aside her hurt and anger and learn to trust him. Can she forgive past deceptions and find the courage to love again? Or will she turn away the one man who owns her heart and soul?

Her secret will change his life.
Powerful, and lethal, Kal is a vampire warrior, sworn to protect humans from demons. Loving Katherine too much to pull her into his dangerous world, Kal deserted her, believing his decision was best for them both. But not even time could assuage his yearning for the woman who has captured his heart. As fate tosses them together once again, Kal must fight to win Katherine’s trust and forgiveness before evil separates them forever. But is he ready to become the man she needs him to be? Or will he lose the one woman he can’t live without?


“Like what ya see?” Kal asked in a rough voice.

“Yes.” No sense lying, because she was sure the expression on her face showed her approval. Katherine scooted to the end of the bed. An overwhelming urge to taste him made her bold. Looking up at him, she clasped his hard hips and pulled him closer.

His eyes turned black and wild. “Katherine…what…”

“I want to taste you.”

“Oh God.” He closed his eyes briefly, and his fangs punched down further. The look he shot her made her blood boil. “As much as I want that, I don’t think I can handle it right now. I’m juiced as is.”

“Good.” She opened her mouth over him and slowly slid her lips down his shaft. As she glided up and down his velvety penis, the salty taste of him filled her mouth and cranked her desire up another notch.

“Shit.” His lips peeled off his fangs, and his breath hissed in and out. “That feels so good.” He arched into her mouth while his fingers tangled in her hair.

Just as she found a quick rhythm, he pulled her to her feet and kissed her hungrily. “Can’t take anymore.”

With both hands, he yanked off her sweater, revealing her pink lace bra. He grabbed the front and literally ripped it in half. Her breasts bounced free, her nipples already puckered, awaiting his wet mouth.

Fuck,” he said with a growl under his breath. “Your beauty makes me crazy.” For a moment he didn’t move, just stared at her bared flesh.

If he didn’t touch her soon, she’d be the crazy one. With another growl, he bent and sucked one tight peak into his mouth. Her head fell back as wave after wave of pleasure slammed into her.

His tongue swirled and flicked, bringing her dangerously close to orgasm.

While he ravished her other nipple, he forced down her yoga pants and panties. She kicked them away. Kal grabbed her backside and massaged the round cheeks then stroked his fingers down until they grazed her swollen clit. She jumped at the light touch and gasped out a moan.

A deep groan, sounding more like a snarl, rose from his throat. “You’re so wet and ready for me. And thank God, because I want you now.”

His urgency was contagious. She wanted him with a need so intense she’d die if he didn’t give her what she craved.

Kal turned her until her back faced him then gently guided her to the bed. He eased her onto all fours. With a hand on her upper back, he pushed her chest to the mattress. She arched her back and raised her hips in a silent invitation for him to take her hard, fast. Now.

The sound of the foil condom wrapper tearing mixed with their harsh breathing, and then the head of his penis brushed against her folds. She raised her hips higher, urging him on. He found her opening and thrust inside. Pleasure took her with such force she feared she’d black out.

Kal slid deep. Her inner muscles stretched to accommodate his massive size. When he pulled back, the friction made them both groan.

“Jesus, you feel amazing—I don’t want this to end, but I can’t stop,” he said before driving back in.

With deep, savage strokes, he took her hard and fast just like she’d wanted him to. Pleasure built, higher, tighter until finally it exploded in wave after wave of ecstasy.


photo credit: Sanctu via photopin cc

Monday, August 5, 2013

99 cents for a limited time only! Get Hunters of Seraphim: Jadin today!

Exciting news!

I love sales. Don't you? If you do, my new release is only 99 cents until 8/16/13!!! Grab your copy today!

In the year 4411, females dominate the world. Men are now the weaker sex and all roles have been reversed. 

Angela is an accomplished defense attorney and has grown up in this society, but she craves something more. She secretly yearns for a strong male. One that will bend her to his will.

Nestled on an island far from the world Angela knows are a group of mighty Hunters. Primitive, fierce and oh so male, they each wait for the goddess Seraphim to grant them a mate. 

After waking from a drug induced sleep, Angela finds herself on this jungle island, playing a game of cat and mouse with Jadin...the sexiest man she's ever seen. 

He claims she's his, but she wants the right to choose. Will Angela be able to give into her hearts desires or will a lifetime of embedded teachings prevent her from having the man of her dreams?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday: New release!! Hunters of Seraphim: Jadin

A hunter always knows how to get his prey riled up.

"You think Lydia is pretty?" Angela hissed.

"Of course. She's got a nice ass and perky breasts."

Angela crawled over to where he rested, moving up his body until she straddled ihs hips. "Next--you'll be telling me you've seen her naked!"

"Yes. Once we bathed together in the lake." The mischievousness in his voice was thick and Jadin knew she heard it.

"Oh, hell no! I'm the only woman you'll see naked from now on, buddy!" She impaled her pussy onto his waiting hardness. Jadin sucked in a huge gust of air.

Blurb: In the year 4411, females dominate the world. Men are now the weaker sex and all roles have been reversed.
Angela is an accomplished defense attorney and has grown up in a world dominated by women but she craves something more. She secretly yearns for a strong dominant man...not a simpering wimp.
Nestled on an island far from the world Angela knows are a group of mighty male Hunters. They're strong, dominate and sexy and each Hunter is waiting for the goddess Seraphim to grant him his mate.
After waking from a drug induced sleep, Angela finds herself on this jungle island, playing a game of cat and mouse with Jadin...the sexiest man she's ever seen. He claims she's his, but she wants the right to choose.
Will Angela be able to give into her heart's desires or will a lifetime of embedded teachings prevent her from having the man of her dreams?

Amazon US

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Getting Fantastic Friday: Get Moonkissed by Grinelda Markowitz

Blurb: From the quirkiness of her daughter to the equine escapades of Bezhyanya (her sworn bedmate) and Grayt (her serving woman), Arrinay, ruler of Kalaydan, is faced with many concerns throughout her day which she handles with grace, poise and dignity. Will she be able to meet the challenges to come?
In the City of Kalaydan, Arrinay and Bezhyanya, the senior members of the ruling family, are faced with the early maturation of their daughter, Gayadnae. She must start the training. It’s Kalaydan law. Their daughter has other ideas. After concocting a plan to avoid responsibility and almost succeeding in carrying it out, Gayadnae’s life takes an unexpected turn. Grayt, the ever-present serving woman to Arrinay, fills many roles and has her fingers in a number of pies. There’s definitely more to her than is apparent on the surface.In the city of Kalaydan, Arrinay and Bezhyanya, the senior members of the ruling family, are faced with the early maturation of their daughter, Gayadnae. She must start the training. It’s Kalaydan law. Their daughter has other ideas. After concocting a plan to avoid responsibility and almost succeeding in carrying it out, Gayadnae’s life takes an unexpected turn. Grayt, the ever-present serving woman to Arrinay, fills many roles and has her fingers in a number of pies. There’s definitely more to her than is apparent on the surface. Along with coordinating activities in the Main House, keeping the young mistress in line, and talking to horses, Grayt has a more secret agenda with a graver responsibilities.
A hint of trouble on the horizon and other darker activities weave their way through the backdrop of this delightful tale which takes place in the city of Kalaydan.

Excerpt: Upon entering her room, Gayadnae flounced on her bed once the curtain had closed behind her. She screamed into the mattress and kicked her legs and arms. Finally, spent, she rolled over and looked up at the ceiling.
Me? In a robe? Not on this side of the coldest reaches, ever!
Slowly she sat upright and rose to her feet.
I’ll show them. If I can get to the Warriors’ Guild and pledge my services, I’ll have immunity from anything they want me to do.
Walking over to the alcove where her clothing was stored, she searched for her battle leathers then yanked the gray leather clothing from the shelf and tossed them on the bed. She stepped gingerly across the floor, avoiding the stuff strewn about to get to her bathroom and start the water flow in the tub.
I’m going to have to remind Grayt, again, to give my room a going over.
She sprinkled sayoodsy flakes into the stream of hot water. The flakes bubbled and flowed with the water around the bottom of the tub. She dropped her clothes on the floor and stepped into the still-filling tub.
Not all of the warrior women have the training. The ones that do, don’t stopcock. That’s part of what makes the guild function well in a community of males and females who have no attachments and who are very physical people. Share and share alike. I’m sure I’d have more fun anyway.
She leaned back on the tub and sighed, content with her plan. As the sound of flowing water soothed her mind, she planned her escape. When she was satisfied she could pull it off, she reached for the container she kept tucked behind all the other jars of scented flakes. The tub was almost full when she sprinkled a small handful of pawpi flakes under the stream of water.
Just enough to make the evening bearable.
As with each previous time she’d sought an essence dream over the last few mooncycles, she saw him. He was tall and sylphlike with long, silver-white dreads. His eyes flashed blue and silver fire. He had a koq any equine stud would envy. It stood upright and the head rose above his belly button. He was well-muscled on a graceful frame and sparkled like crushed glass in the silver moonlight. He turned as if to leave and started to walk away, then turned again. His firm, taut buttocks flexed as he turned and walked toward her instead.
“Come with me,” he said as he smiled.
His voice was like the rarely-chill wind which blew across Kalaydan to herald an oncoming storm. His smile showed sharp, needle-like teeth.
“Do you fear me, my other half?” He asked.
She nodded then shook her head, then nodded again. Hesitating at first, she stepped forward gingerly.
“Who are you?” She asked with a trembling voice.
He stepped forward then retreated quickly as he looked over his shoulder. Suddenly, he was right before her.
“Remember me. You must complete me.”
He took her in his arms and kissed her with lips that were neither cold nor hot yet they aroused in her a longing. She felt his body press against hers. His pelvis pressed its throbbing member against her belly. When he stepped back, she was breathless. She longed to feel more of his touch but he stepped away from her and turned. As he walked away from her he faded into nothing, leaving a question on her lips.
She came out of her trance when she heard Grayt’s voice in the distance.
“Mistress Gayadnae? Can I help you prepare?”
“Uh, no Grayt. I’m fine.”

Buy links:


About the Author:

Grinelda Markowitz writes erotic fiction across multiple genres. She resides in a galaxy far, far away with a trusty pen, a never-ending supply of paper and a fertile imagination. The Moon-Kissed Chi, her first e-published book in the genre of erotic fiction, is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Find her at these places:







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What Ya Got To Talk About Wednesday: Wunder from AR Von's book Wunder

Ah hump day! Usually here at the island, my residents like to celebrate Wednesday with celebrations filled with vibrant colors and lively music. However, today we're going more the Gothic route in honor of our guest Wunder Bierlein from author AR Von's book Wunder.

Hiya there Wunder, welcome to my island. I hope it's good enough for someone with a little bit of zombie in them. It's okay to mention that? Guest, Wunder's world has been overcome by zombies for some time and she's got a bit of that DNA in her.

Hey, don't be scared. Lanie here knows all about zombies. Her boyfriend was turned into one and ate her dog. She's been here for therapeutic reasons. That's why you see so many males giving her a soothing massage.

See, she's all better now. So, let's talk yes?

D. X. Luc: How did you feel when you found  out your story was going to be told?

Wunder: A little nervous, I’m still not used to people knowing about me. The REAL me. I fear becoming a lab rat or some such. That’s the last thing I want or need. I don’t know what I would do if I lost my freedom.

D: Did the author do a decent job? 

W: So far she’s done a great job. I’m glad too. One less person on my list to give a wedgie to. Seriously though. She depicts me and Pete to perfection, no B.S. and captures the details to the T. Shoot; she makes me run mine and Pete’s first time together over and over again. Intense!
D: What would you say is the most wonderful part about being you?
W: Being different in the sense I have advantages in a fight and other life threatening situations. I get to kick a lot of ass! I love the fact that I’m faster, stronger and have other hidden…talents that allow me to help so many others. I would not change a thing!
D: What is the most negative?
W: Also being different. Not all people can accept something or someone that is very different from them or what they are accustomed to. It sucks, but I take it as a blessing in disguise. Those that are bothered by it are just not meant to be in my life and I’m good with that.
D: What is the best quality on a woman?
W: Attitude, a positive attitude works wonders! No over confident or conceded, just sure and a “glass is always half full” outlook on life.
D: If you could pick any dessert to eat, which would that be?
W: Anything creamy and coffee flavored.
D: How would you eat said dessert? Can I be part of the experience?
W: We’ll go with coffee ice cream right now. Especially with chocolate chunks! It’s something I’ve not had in some years due to the whole zombies trying to take over the world and such. But it’s so good! I would eat it slightly melted and straight out of the carton. Taking extra special care to make sure I lick the spoon nice and clean with every pass. Now, a little birdie told me that you do not care for ice cream. But you are welcome to munch it with me if you’re willing to try *wink*

D: What scares you?

W: Death.

D: What makes you smile?

W: Life.

D: Are you thinking of starting a family?

W: Not at the moment. Most likely in 5 or so years. I just got together with Pete and I think we need to have a few years of sex marathons before babies and such.

D: Do you know anyone single who might be needing a personal "get to know D. X. Luc" session?

W: Sure thing! I’d love to introduce D. X. to Tank. I think they would get along fine. Better than fine actually *laughing her ass off*

D: Can we plan on hearing more from you in the future?

W: Of course! There’s much more to get to know about me and this war against the infected. You all still do not know my deepest darkest secrets.

Say the first word that comes to mind

Thong  ass

Sand toes

Tree climb

Red rum

Fun always

Lame brain

What a brilliant interview!!! Thank you so much Wunder. You are a true delight. Indulge a little before going back home?
And for all of you wondering where you can find the books where this lovely, young lady shares her story, just check out the link and pictures below!

Check out AR Von's author page on Amazon. There you can grab these great reads too!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cover Reveal: Hunters of Seraphim release set for first week of August

I'm so happy to show off my cover for my next upcoming release Hunters of Seraphim: Jadin done by the amazing Erin Dameron-Hill. Release set for first week of August. Are we excited for what has been dubbed a "Sexy Hunger Games"?

I know I am!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Ya Got To Talk About Wednesday: Character Interview with Kempor Aleksander and Ella the Troll

It's Wednesday and raining outside so we had to bring this interview into the lounge. There's a casino in the right room and I honestly think Julia Santos may still be there!

However, I'm happily honored to say I have some great company for those of you who were invited to join me for this candid interview with two wonderfully, mythical, well....mythics! They came a long distance to the island and they want to tell us about their story Troll-y Yours by author Sheri Fredricks.

Let's give a hand to:

Kempor Aleksander

And his lovely wife

Ella the Troll

Hello you two! I'm happy to have you both here. Now before we get started, as my guests can see here, Aleksander is a lovely and quite large Centaur.

Cora! Keep your bikini on! He's a taken man...uh...Centaur I mean! Gosh.

Sorry about that you two. On the island of Sinful Restraints, everyone tends to get a bit carried away when unbound!

Anyway, why don't we get this party started shall we?

D. X: How did you feel when you found out your story was going to be told?

Aleksander: *shrugs* Not surprised. It was only a matter of time since I made the cover of Mythic Magazine so many years in a row. How can my looks be denied?

Ella: Oh for the love of Bacchus! The only one who thinks you’re all that is yourself, you old war horse!

D: Did the author do a decent job?

Ella: *laughs and nods* Sheri Fredricks wrote Al’s character perfectly. Got all his arrogant ducks in a row.

Aleksander: At least I’m not stuck-up.

D: What would you say is the most wonderful part about being you?

Aleksander: *smiles his famous mythic white grin* Everything from my head to my tail, and all parts in-between. Especially “the parts.”

Ella: *rolls her eyes* Man, you’re on a roll. I think my best feature is being able to save Al’s ass in the nick of time.

D: What is the most negative?

Ella: I’m fat.

Aleksander: *reaches over and hugs Ella tight* No you’re not, stop saying that. You’re curvy, just the way I like you. As for me…I have no negatives! *laughs*

D: What is the best quality on a woman?

Aleksander: It’s her ass. Definitely, her ass. And maybe her breasts. Yeah, I like breasts.

D: If you could pick any dessert to eat, which would that be?

Ella: *waves her hand* Oh, oh! I’ve got this one! Deep-fried truffle cupcakes.

D: How would you eat said dessert? Can I be part of the experience?

Aleksander: Uh, I’m not sure I’d eat those, but you go ahead, DX. Let me know how that works for you.

D: What scares you?

Aleksander: Nothing scares me. I’m Kempor Aleksander, Head Cen—

Ella: *smacks Al’s chest with the back of her hand* Yeah, yeah. Cut the crap. We ALL know who you are. Personally, I’m afraid of standing out in a crowd. I’d rather blend in.

D: What makes you smile?

Aleksander: *gazing at the Troll next to him* Knowing Ella is the last thing I see before I sleep and the first thing I see when I wake. I waited over 250 years for her to come into my life.

Ella: Ah, Al. You’re so sweet. And I like you sweet, like covered in chocolate syrup and lick-you-up sweet. *Ella smiles*

D: Are you thinking of starting a family?

Ella: Uh…um. Well, maybe. We haven’t talked about it.

Aleksander: Meat Wrench, my buddy below the belt, would LOVE to discuss the possibilities. How about we talk on it tonight?

D: Do you know anyone single who might be needing a personal "her to know D. X. Luc" session?

Aleksander: *clears his throat and gives a swish to his tail* Actually, there's a certain Centaur who could use a little of your humor and a huge dose of your--uh--sexiness.

Ella: Oh? It better not be you! Who is it?

Aleksander: Templar Khristos, who else? He's the most uptight, grouchy, windbag of a male that I've ever met. He needs a dose of DX Luc.

D: Can we plan on hearing more from you in the future?

Aleksander: From me? Well, of course! I’ll be in all of Sheri Fredrick’s books. After all, I’m Kempor Aleksander, Head Centaur Guard!

Ella: *rolls eyes* I’m sure I’ll be making an appearance here and there, but Sheri knows I like staying in the background.

Say the first word that comes to mind

Thong: Sexy

Sand: Scratchy

Tree: Wood Nymphs

Red: Syrah

Fun: Laughter

Lame: Mean people

Wow! I'm so glad to have learned from you two. Your dynamic is just fantastic. Thank you for coming here. Please enjoy your time here on my lovely island.

For those who would love to find out where you can see Aleksander and Ella's tale, look below!



Determined to forge a better life, Ella launches her new business with high hopes--until a sexy Centaur bumps into her and throws her life off course forever. Voted "Most Eligible Bachelor in Boronda", Aleksander shakes up her world and tilts her in more ways than one.


Years of warfare and countless bedroom encounters have stolen Kempor Aleksander's luster for life. He never expects to rediscover his zeal in the small, redheaded form of Ella the Troll, who fires his blood hotter than the deepest caverns in the forest.


But as trouble lingers in their midst--and edges ever closer--Alek and Ella spiral into troubled terrain. Turning to each other, the pair face down dangers that run impenetrably deep in their mythological world. But will the two lovers discover a passion that runs even deeper?

Buy link:

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What Ya Got to Talk About Wednesdays: Character Interview with Julia Santos

Hello all! I'm finally going to get this blog up and running again. Not that I really have tons of time, I don't want to leave my guests hanging. So on Wednesdays, I'm going to talk to a character from sexy books. You know, because don't we want to know what they're like? I know I do.

So pull up a towel around the beach bonfire and let's welcome our first island patron Julia Santos!!

So beautiful! Welcome to the island Julia. We have drinks galore from the cabana boys.

Now I know a bit of your history. But for those that don't, you are first mentioned in the book For the Love of Quinn by author Tammy Dennings Maggy. You made it a tad difficult of Jacob to commit to Quinn and he actually almost lost his life in the process.

As you can see, one of our guests, Jessica is pretty shocked to find this out. Calm down, girl! We're giving this opportunity to find out more about Julia. Have another drink and relax.

Plus, the great news is that she's getting her own story now. So we can see more into her life than we did in the before mentioned book. This book will be The Surrender of Julia (Now and Forever 3).

But enough about that! Julia, I'm sure you're ready to get this interview started? Have you drink? Great! Let's begin.

DX: How did you feel when you found out your story was going to be told?

Julia: At first I wasn’t sure I wanted it to be told, but I was only briefly mentioned in For the Love of Quinn and not in a good light. I was the reason that Jake couldn’t commit to Quinn in the first place, but after seeing their story play out, I thought I should be given some time to explain my actions.

D: Did the author do a decent job?

J: Oh yes! Frankly, I think it was harder for her to write about my past than it was for me to go through it all again in therapy. There’s a lot of dark, disturbing things I had to bury in order to create the Julia Santos that’s alive and well today. Reading through Tammy’s descriptions of the sex I had with my lovers…whew! I could feel every kiss and touch just like I did when it actually happened to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better writer to tell my story.

D: What would you say is the most wonderful part about being you?

J: Hmmm…everything! I’m just kidding although at one point in my life I would have really meant that. I had any lover I wanted and my art was the talk of LA and New York. Now I have to say the most wonderful part of being me is finding my soul mate and knowing she loves me unconditionally, warts and all.

D: What is the most negative?

J: That it took me so long to figure it all out and the number of people I hurt along the way. It took a lot of years of therapy to work through it all and get to the point in my life where I could make amends. My biggest regret was not doing it sooner.

D: What is the best quality on a woman?

J: Her self confidence is the best quality. She can be curvy, rail thin, or not what some consider beautiful, but if she’s confident in herself that will shine through. Of course I do love curvy women with the classic Botticelli or Rubeneque bodies.

D: If you could pick any dessert to eat, which would that be?

J: Hmmm…I do have quite a sweet tooth but try not to indulge too often. My absolute favorite is crème brulee. That crunchy burnt sugar top is the perfect contrast to the creamy delight under it. It’s also a great dessert to share with a partner. And I recently found out that Ben and Jerry’s has a crème brulee ice cream. I nearly had an orgasm when I tried it for the first time. Delish!

D: How would you eat said dessert? Can I be part of the experience?

J: I heard you don’t like desserts, but I would love to share one with you. ;)
Your mouth would water as the waiter brings the dessert to our table at one of my fave restaurants. He takes out a little butane torch and gently sets the top of the custard on fire. Relax! There aren’t any huge flames, just enough to make the top of it turn a toasted brown. He sets down two spoons with a flourish that only the French can pull off and leaves us to enjoy the delicacy.
“Close your eyes, kitten. I want you to just experience this with your mouth and tongue.”
You close your eyes and wait for further instructions as I pick up one of the spoons. You hear the soft crack as the utensil breaks through the crispy coating and the gently scrape against the ceramic dish. A faint sugary vanilla scent tickles your nose as the spoon nears your mouth. You open your mouth slowly, quickly licking your lips in anticipation. The spoon is warm from the custard and gently slips over your tongue. Your mouth comes alive with the different sensations and flavors: the crunch of the caramel like sugar crisp, the rich vanilla cream with just a touch rum that bathes your tongue with sheer happiness.

Why is this one of my faves? It reminds me of being with another woman in bed for the very first time. Now it’s this way every time I’m with my Mistress. Try this dessert one time yourself and you’ll know what I mean!

Cassidy here is pretty turned on by that! She's actually the waitress. Cass go on back to work now. Silly woman.

D: Anyway, what scares you?

J: My past. I’ve had to work so hard to escape it, that I’m always worried someone will find out and reject me because of it.

D: What makes you smile?

J: Turning myself completely over to my Mistress to do with as she sees fit. ;)

D: Are you thinking of starting a family?

J: Well, until now I hadn’t really thought about it. Children were always someone else’s mess to care for, you know? But now…yeah, I would like to have a family of my own. I’ll have to talk it over with Mistress.

D: Do you know anyone single who might be needing a personal "her to know D. X. Luc" session?

J: Single folks? Not at the moment. It looks like everyone in my circles has paired up, even my boss the Vegas tycoon Steve Eischer. Although he seems to still carry a torch for Tammy.

D: Can we plan on hearing more from you in the future?

J: I will be making a few cameos in the rest of the series especially Derek’s story. That’s a few books away yet. His book will be called Burning Heart (Now and Forever 5)…or six depending on how Quinn’s cousin Samantha’s story goes!

Say the first word that comes to mind

Thong--strip tease (I know that’s two words)





Lame--missionary (LOL! Sorry couldn’t help myself)

*claps all around* Thank you so much for coming out and doing this on the beach interview for us today Julia. As my first interviewer, I guess you can say you've popped the interview cherry! Please stay for more refreshments once Cass composes herself!

Now, here's an excerpt from the book where we first meet the lovely Julia.

For the Love of Quinn

Her hands slid under his arms to hold him tight. “You know I still feel horrible for not being with you for your father’s funeral, but I didn’t want to intrude on your family’s grief.” She put her fingertips on his lips, silencing his words of protest. “I didn’t realize how much this all meant to you. I’ll have my assistant clear my schedule for the next week. My clients will just have to understand. You’ve been by my side through all of this, and now it’s my turn. My place is with you.”

Jacob’s lips covered hers once again, finding her tongue more than eager to do battle with his. She quickly undid his belt and the zipper of his pants and slid her hands inside to caress his growing erection. He pulled her tank top over her head and tossed it to the floor. He lifted her off her feet and carried her to the bed he made for her as a Christmas present. The king-sized four-poster bed was crafted out of a dark, richly stained oak with red sheer curtains draping over the top. She squealed with delight when she first saw it set up in their bedroom, and now he was hoping to get her squealing once again.

She slid out of her boy shorts and up to lay on the pillows. She reached for him as he got rid of the rest of his clothes to join her. “Show me how much you love me, baby. Make me feel it.”

He slowly worked his way down her body, licking, nibbling, and tasting as he went. Julia cooed and sighed with every touch along the way, offering her body up for his enjoyment, teasing him with it, knowing full well he couldn’t resist her for very much longer. His excitement grew with every sound she made. This was the game they played often with each other, but something felt different to him this time. Something about the way she switched from being adamant she couldn’t abandon her clients to wanting to be by his side for the difficult family gathering nagged at the back of his mind. Jacob didn’t want to analyze anything at that moment except the beautiful, naked woman underneath him. For now he pushed those doubting thoughts to the side and continued to make his lover squirm.

* * * *

Jacob’s lips sealed over her clit, drawing out a deep guttural moan from Julia. No man could eat her out like him, and tonight he was in rare form. His tongue glided in and out of her folds with deliberate slow motions that made her entire body burn with need to have him. While he sucked her throbbing, hooded flesh yet again, his fingers filled up her pussy and stretched her anus. “Oh my God, that feels fucking fantastic. Don’t stop.”

He feathered and teased her hot, wet folds until the comforter beneath them was drenched with her cum. He slid back up her body, slowly snaking his tongue along a burning trail to her tits. Her nipples were so erect they hurt, just the way she liked them. The slightest touch sent her body over the edge, her cunt twitching with the need to be completely filled with his cock. To emphasize that point, she pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his hips. “Fuck me, now, Jake. Let me have that glorious dick of yours deep inside me.”

Her breathing quickened as the head of his cock eased into her so slowly. She tried to pull him in fast, but he only smiled and held his position. He tugged her arms up over her head and quickly bound them in the leather straps attached to the headboard. Julia returned the smile. She loved the feel of the strap around her wrists and in her palms. Jacob really did know how to please her, in every way. Having her hands bound while she was willingly ravaged by a man had always been a fantasy of hers, and now she could mark that off of her bucket list.

Julia clenched her fingers tightly around the leather as Jacob shoved her legs further apart and buried his cock in her cunt. The sensation overwhelmed her, and yet her body craved more. He pulled out quickly and sat up, lifting her ass off the bed as he went. Now with half of her body suspended in the air he entered her again, slowly working her up and down his cock, gradually building up to the speed she craved. Her tits bounced hard with each thrust. Her thighs quaked and were soon slick with her own juices, and yet he still loved her, still took more and more from her. Julia’s mind went blank with one final full-body orgasm.
She came to her senses as Jacob released her from the leather straps and pulled her close to curl up to his body, her head resting on his chest. As she listened to his heartbeat slow down to its normal soothing rhythm, she fought to hold back the tears that threatened to fall. What the hell’s wrong with me? Why can’t this be enough? Why can’t Jacob be enough?

* * * *

Purchase the books through here Tammy Dennings Maggy

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