Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting Freaky Friday: It's a new year with the sexy John Quinlan

Can you believe it's already 2013? How fast can a year go by? Well, luckily the Island is back open so come and enjoy the warm weather. Especially for us in the cold climates. So sit back and check out this new interview with the sexy John Quinlan!
Now that we're back on the Island, first let me say, Welcome, John! How was your New Years?

New Year’s was amazing and it is great to be back with the very talented and beautiful D.X. Luc to kick off the New Year. The New Year brings endless possibilities that bring a smile to my face. Who knows, maybe I will have the luck of the Irish on the Island!

What are this year's resolutions?

Just do be the best I can be in whatever God has lined up for me. One thing is for sure, John Quinlan will work hard to make great things a reality.

Any sexy news you'd like to share with us?

Great news yes, I was just informed by author Kharisma Rhayne for selecting my “Angel of Satan” cover art image as a book cover in the near future for her Dark Retribution: Warriors of Malice Series

I am honored Kharisma, thank you.

I saw you brought clothes back with you to the Island. Do you really think they'll be necessary?

Hell no! I needed them as I was coming back from Boston, Massachusetts where it is like 10 degrees today. But they have been removed just for you, hope you like aqua blue

Come up with what you think of when you read these.

Hot: Stunning women on the Island

Wet: When a woman is at “that point”

Bed: My favorite place

Oil: A must have!

Whipped Cream: Love whipped cream!!!!!


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