Sunday, February 17, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday: WIP The Huntsman's Daughter XXX picture included

 WARNING: Sexy bondage picture below!

This is a WIP I've worked on and off with. It's going to be BDSM meets Red Riding Hood meets the daughter of Red Riding Hood. Enjoy!

She knew her predicament was her fault, she didn't listen and because of her own strong will, she was now bent over and vulnerable to the man before her.
“Mmm, little red, I have plans for you. And please keep squirming, it makes me hard.” He spoke in a soft but commanding tone.
Charlie fought to protest, her voice caught on the tip of her tongue but the man had placed a ring gag into her mouth, keeping it in the perfect 'O' for whatever he planned to do. The leather padded room would have been pitched in darkness if not for the red light, which cast it in a sexy as well as demonic glow. Her senses were in a state of heightened awareness, her ears on alert to the sound of humming behind her.
She knew the buzzing came from a generator, the power it exerted sending tremors through the floorboards and up to her pussy which too was spread with a circular device held open with strings.


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