Sunday, March 3, 2013

Six Sentence (or more) Sunday: Spring Cleaning #DXLuc


He said not a word to her as he swiftly removed his jeans and Leanore got her first look at Sam McFlandry in all his naked glory. Damn! He had a body that made a woman want to go to church! Crawling back onto her bed, he snatched the toy and tossed it, in what she hoped was the stay section, and braced above her. Their noses touched, he was so close to her and his dimpled smile took her breath away. 
“Ready to come, beautiful?” He ground his pelvis into her until she quivered and nodded. “Excellent! Up then. Kneel over my face.”


Veronica Scott said...

Oh MY, he wastes no time but I like his attitude! And the dimples...super snippet!

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