Sunday, May 26, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday: WIP The Dating Game

Here's my SSS for today. I may not do one every Sunday, but know when I do, I'll make sure they're awesome.

Smoothing out the wrinkles, she placed the book on the pillow next to her and laid back down. Her eyes closed and her hand resting over the image. In her dreams, Angela begged him to claim her and ravage her until they both expired. There in the recesses of her mind, her secret longing, he gave her everything she craved but most of all, what her heart truly desired. To be controlled.
His green eyes would bore into her soul as he drove into her softness and with the deep rumble of his voice he would command her. “You will succumb to me, woman. Best you never doubt that. Soon, wee one you’ll be mine to do as I see fit.”


Sheri Fredricks said...

Imagining the six sentences said by the man in your pic - ooh-wee! Watch out!

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