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D. X. Luc: Scavenger Huntin' Time!

Oh yeah!!!!!!!! It's Day 3 for our sexy scavenger hunt and I'm up at the plate. Okay, I've been watching baseball a bit so yeah. Mmmm Baseball players! Nom nom. Right! Anyway, I'm really excited to be part of this group of authors and for my part, I'm giving away an ecopy of Touch of the Gods: The Wager.

You just have to answer the question in the rafflecopter when you find it! So, here's my question!

Oh boy! Now, remember, the answer is somewhere below and when you find it, put it in the raffelcopter. Not in the comments please! We want everyone to get a chance at winning! Now, without further adieu!


When love and war make a little wager, what could possibly go wrong?

I am Hephaestus. God of inventions, blacksmiths, and volcanoes. Sounds like I'm awesome right? Well, I'm not. In fact, I'm the loser of Olympus and a new bachelor to boot. Living the single life is great until a decade passed. Honestly if my divorce from the Goddess of Love wasn't bad enough, I am still being rejected by the other women of my home.

Because of an incessant need to make me a pawn in his game, my brother, Ares convinces Eros to make a little bet. A wager that puts my lack of love life to the test. Sent to Earth, I'm skeptical, when suddenly I lose myself in the sensual scent and beauty of the full bodied Vanessa. She is my everything, my perfection.

Sadly, from a single caress upon her silky flesh, I sent our lives into a downward spiral of hell. To save her, I must get beyond my demons of the past. And to save me, she will have to decide if I'm worth giving up everything for.


Somehow, I knew he'd made it all by hand. For me? Ugh! He was certainly making my need to take some time off men and loving him, difficult. Cradling it in my palm, I beamed up at him, which thankfully got me a smile in return.

Hephaestus moved behind me and took the necklace from my shaky grasp. He opened it and brought it around my neck. I lifted my hair up, so he could clasp it and before I could stop it, my body trembled the moment his warm hands brushed against my skin. If he felt it, he didn't say a word, which I gave him extra brownie points for.

He stepped back, taking his place back across from me and even managed to keep his expression neutral.

Touching the hammer, it tingled under my fingers and I raised a questioning eye to him.

"Once I am gone from your realm, if you ever need me for anything, touch that and call my name. I will come immediately."


"Oh? That is all?"

"Huh? No! I mean, thank you so very much for this Heph. It's a lovely gesture."

Smiling brilliantly at me once more, he grabbed the basket up, proffered his arm to me and together, we left my house. He led me to where his truck sat in the driveway, opening the door for me with his hands this time, and getting into his own side, he drove toward the park.

Traffic was a beast, because as the weather man said, everyone needed to be outside to enjoy all the great sunshine and clear skies. Several times we were cut off, and while I wanted to scream at the idiot drivers, Hephaestus kept a cool head, even waving at the people who butted in front of him. It was then, that I wondered if he ever got angry, recalling how calm, yet meticulous he seemed when confronting Ares.

At about the time the fifth car cruised into our lane without his turn signal, I did shriek. "Aren't you bothered by this? These jerks need to learn how to drive!" The last part I screamed out the passenger windo at the driver, who now drove at a snail's pace in front of us. He promptly ignored me and kept breaking at random moments.

Next to me, Hephaestus only chuckled, his entire poise the epitome of relaxation. One hand was lightly curled around the wheel, the other draped outside his window, while he bobbed his head in time with the hip-hop music playing on the radio.

Hip-hop? This was a god that was full of many surprises it would seem.

Flabbergasted, I stared at him.

He finally side glanced in my direction, and had the audacity to give me a lopsided smile. "Do you feel better now? Iris teaches a yelling yoga class that I've heard is really beneficial. She says screaming releases tension and centers one's soul."

"What the hell are you talking about? Who is Iris?"

"She's the Rainbow Goddess and our head spiritual instructor on Olympus. I started taking her basic yoga courses after my divorce."

"Since when did gods and goddesses need spiritual guidance?"

"Even the most powerful need something more to believe in, Vanessa."

There was such an underlying pain in what he said that my heart ached for him. I placed a hand on his arm, feeling the muscles tensing, and then relax.

The rest of the drive, all forty-five minutes of it was done in silence with the occasional rapping from him. By the time we reached our destination, I found I enjoyed hip-hop as well. Who would have thought?

Locating a nice, shaded spot, he laid out a blanket that matched the same print as what was lining the picnic basket. We both sat upon it while he pulled out plates and food. It wasn't a large affair, which seemed appropriate for the situation.

When I unwrapped my sandwich, I laughed out loud. The ham and cheese combo was something he knew how to make well, and I had a feeling that it would be our 'thing' which was fine with me. He grinned in a boyish manner, and out of compulsion, I leaned forward to brush an errant tendril of hair that had fallen in front of his brow. Gazing up at each other, we locked eyes. I couldn't breathe and couldn't move while time stood still.

Okay! That was it, so how are you going to win? Fill out the rafflecopter below with your answer! Thanks for playing and stick around all month as there are plenty more prizes to be had!

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Sheri Fredricks said...

GREAT post! Have fun on the Wicked Scavenger hunt!!

vadeluna07 said...

Great excerpt! Can't wait to read even more.

Jean MP said...

Enjoyed reading the excerpt, look forward to reading more.

Rachel dosSantos said...

Great excerpt! Thanks for participating in the hop and for a chance to win!

Brenda said...

This is so cool--and I want this book so bad!

Nikki McCarver said...

This was such a great read!! You are guaranteed to fall in love with Heph....I know I did!

Beckey said...

Thanks for sharing the post :)

tammy ramey said...

thank you for the great contest. it's been a lot of fun.

tammy ramey

Eva Millien said...

Thanks for sharing and for the awesome giveaways. Heph sounds like a great book and I have added it to my TBR. evamillien at gmail dot com

Kimberly Mayberry said...

Loved the excerpt! Nice spin to the story.

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