Saturday, July 13, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday: Summer's Break from the Hot Shots anthology

Without further delay, Summer pulled off his shirt. He folded it over the chair before removing his sneakers, socks and pants. His boxer briefs had a wet spot where he'd leaked precum and his massive bulge was clearly outlined.

She cocked a brow. “What part of naked didn't you understand? I want to see what you're going to give me.”

Swallowing past his hesitation, he dropped the underwear and stepped out of them. Summer licked his lips and took a deep breath, waiting for her to speak. He couldn't fathom it, but all he wanted was to please her in every way. No other woman made him respond so intensely.

Blurb:  The heat is on with two short erotic stories to leave you sweating and aching.

Spring Cleaning

Join Leanore as she explores all the excitement that can be had when the organization bug hits. For this editor, spring cleaning takes on a new level of naughty play that leaves her wanting more. And her game is heightened with the voyeuristic assistance of a sexy, sinful neighbor.

Summer's Break

While his friends are enjoying their time at the beach, Gordon Summer is stuck volunteering for extra credit with his horrible boss. Lucky for him, this young college student's lunch break becomes a lesson of submission. His teacher...the boss's hot, cougar wife.

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Abbie Foxton said...

Six lines of divine sexual tension.

Tammy Dennings Maggy said...


Brenda said...

Hot, freaking damn, Chick. That was awesome.

Rosanna Leo said...

Awesome tease.

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