Monday, January 6, 2014

The Sequel to the Touch of the Gods Trilogy is Under Way

I'm happy to announce my muse is has woken up again and boy are we writing in full force. Himeros has a tear jerker of a story that I'm sure some who read the first book wanted to know more about. And boy do we get down into it.

I want to thank all my readers out there who have kept up with me and my absence. I don't know if I mentioned it before but as of now, I am almost 10 weeks pregnant. See? My books have fun side effects!

Before I get into a little contest I have decided to run, I'd like to introduce the characters that will be present in Touch of the Gods: Shadow of Desire.







 There are the ones from the first too of course, Hephaestus and Vanessa. As well as the introduction of their little baby boy, Sasha.

Twists, turns, betrayal, and love. All the favorites will return in this dark erotic journey. So hold on for the ride, folks. It's gonna be bumpy.

Now onto our contest.

I have a lot of swag. Door hangers and picture cards. I am going to give away SIGNED items to four, that's right FOUR winners if you can answer the question below correctly.

Contest question: What is the animal that Adriano is turned into found in Touch of the Gods: The Wager?

Respond in comments and by Friday 1/10/14, I will pick four random winners!

Good luck all and share this with as many as you can!

P. S. If you haven't, Touch of the Gods: The Wager is available through all countries on Amazon. Only $2.99!


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