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What you got to Talk About Wednesday: Killian Masters from Tyler Robbin's Killian's Claim

It's Wednesday and the sun is setting on the Island. You know, there's something to be said about the beauty of our great, green Earth. Okay, green and blue and brown. Anyway, see....

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But enough enjoying the peace and quiet. I've got another fun character coming to tell us a bit about himself. I am going to head back to the lounge and make sure all is prepared for our guest.

Everything MUST be perfect. It's the only thing I require here on the Island.

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Ah yes, this is just what I wanted and people are starting to file in so they can enjoy the interview to come!

I do love my job. What's that's Rico? Oh!

Guess who's here! Everyone, quiet down and give a round of applause to Killian Masters!!!!

Thank you for coming Killian, it's an honor really. Are we all ready to get down and dirty? Awesome. Let's do this!

D. X. Luc: How did you feel when you found out your story was going to be told?
Killian: I’ve always been pretty open about who I am. I’ve been to the dark side, and found out the hard way that you can’t always have it all. But, when you’re given a chance to tell the world that happy endings are possible, you can’t help getting’ a little excited about it.

D: Did the author do a decent job?
K: Tyler’s great. She’s a little on the naughty side with how she likes to tell her stories, but since Quinn came into my life, naughty sure feels good. Damn, I can’t believe I almost blushed on that one.

D: What would you say is the most wonderful part about being you?
K: I’m an alpha of a new and growing wolf pack. Right now things are kind of crazy, but I actually get off that. Maybe that’s the best part about being me. I just take it all as it comes.

D: What is the most negative?
K: Damn. These questions aren’t as easy as I expected … I don’t know. Maybe I’m a little too hard-headed at times. Sometimes that works in my favor, and sometimes— sometimes I guess I can be a pain in the ass. At least, that’s what Quinn says.

D: What is the best quality on a woman/man?
K: I’ve been pretty fortunate when it comes to role models in my life. I’ve seen it all, but one thing I’ve learned to look for in another person, is integrity. Male or female. At the end of the day, a man’s only as good as his word. If he doesn’t have integrity, then he’s wastin’ my time.

D: If you could pick any dessert to eat, which would that be?
K: Does Quinn count as a dessert? *laughs — I really like cheesecake. Any kind, really, especially with cherries.

D: How would you eat said dessert?
K: Well, since I’ve already mentioned Quinn. *wags brows— I’ll let you use your imagination.

D: What scares you?
K: Wow. Not pullin’ any punches are you? *Swallows hard— I, um, I’ve lost a lot in my life … Quinn too, for that matter, so I’d say losing anyone else scares the hell out of me. Maybe that’s why I
fight so damn hard to protect what’s mine.

D: What makes you smile?
K: One thing that makes me smile more than anything else is the look in Quinn’s eyes when the sunlight filters into out bedroom first thing in the morning. That, and when he tries to cook breakfast naked. *shakes head and grins— Definitely interesting, if nothing else.

D: Are you thinking of starting a family?
K: I’d be lying a little if I said no. My dad has this thing about wanting grandchildren someday. I never really considered it possible until I met Quinn. A good father does what’s best for his children, and a stable home with parents who truly love each other is the best environment to raise a child. *Shrugs— Anything’s possible, and that’s kind of exciting.

D: Do you know anyone single who might be needing a personal "get to know D. X. Luc" session?
K: Our pack is growing. I bet I could round up a willing wolf or two. Just how personal the session gets is up to you. *winks

D: Can we plan on hearing more from you in the future?
K: Tyler’s mentioned that there’s more to our story, so it’s quite possible we’ll be showing up somewhere down the road, so stay tuned.

Say the first word that comes to mind

Thong: chafe

Sand: hot

Tree: scratch

Red: passion

Fun: sex

Lame: jealousy

Wow! That was a great talk Killian, thanks for letting us into your world. Please stay for the cocktails!

I can't wait to check out this book. It sounds sexy and yummy. Don't believe me? Check out below!

Note from the author

Thank you so much for having me!!
It’s been a while since I’ve had a full length book to release, and I’m thrilled that Killian’s Claim is finally here.
Most of my books have been M/M military themed, so my new series, Call of the Wolf, is a fresh and exciting new sub-genre I can’t seem to get enough of.
The first book, The Becoming, is featured in the Alpha’s Claim Manlove Anthology from Evernight. The story intrigued my muse and opened up a whole new world full of sexy, paranormal wolf-shifters.
The Call of the Wolf series follows the lives of several wolf packs across the state of Texas and a few other southern states.
Their species lives by a strict code, and heed the call of the spirit wolf in all things, including matters of the heart. Not an easy undertaking when you’ve been told your sexuality goes against the laws of nature … or does it?
Change is coming, and each pack will inevitably have to make choices that will either strengthen or destroy their way of life.
The characters in Killian’s Claim, face these problems as well, but they have so much more than wolf spirits to deal with.
Here’s a little taste of what I’m talking about…


Six years ago, Quinn Kelly barely escaped the brutal murder of his parents. Now the lone-wolf is searching for a place to belong. Well aware of his proclivity for men, his nomadic life hasn’t allowed him to find anyone to call his own, until now.
Wolf-shifter and future alpha of his own pack, Killian Masters wants nothing more than his father’s approval. After meeting Quinn, he’s more
determined than ever to make his father see who he is and how deeply he loves.
Captivated by their growing passion, the young lovers have a rude awakening when the vengeful alpha who murdered Quinn’s parents, finds him, and vows to destroy anyone who gets in his way.
Some say the battle between good and evil is determined by which power is fed the most, but in nature, no power compares to that of an alpha’s claim.


He stood frozen in place, fists balled tight and his cock throbbing with ungodly need. He’d never been balls deep inside another man before, but the longer he stood there, the more he wanted it.

Killian kissed the curve of Quinn’s neck then began to suckle.

Quinn squeezed his eyes shut. How much more could he possibly take? Chills skittered across his skin causing ripples of goose-bumps to coat his tingling flesh. A sensual moan vibrated in his chest as he shuddered from the thrill of Killian’s touch.

Killian pulled away and looked him in the eye. “Follow your instincts.”

Quinn took a deep breath then clutched the back of Killian’s neck. “Like this?” No longer able to hold back, he lunged forward, engulfing Killian’s mouth with his while pushing him back toward the sofa.

Killian tripped over his own feet, and toppled onto the couch.

Quinn stood over him. His engorged cock jerked as Killian’s hungry gaze zeroed in. He slowly unzipped his jeans, taking his time. He then reached in, squeezed his prick and winced from the ache. His experience with blowjobs had been limited to quickies here and there, and even those were awkward, and over before he’d had time to savor the moment. Getting sucked off by some guy he’d never see again was much different from what was happening now.

Killian sat up, licking his lips, his gaze still fixated on Quinn’s crotch.

Courage he hadn’t expected suddenly engulfed Quinn as he offered his cock to Killian. “Take it.”

A devious grin spread across Killian’s face.

Quinn’s eyes rolled back, and his hips naturally bucked as Killian removed his cock from his jeans. Warm hands gripped it firmly, but not too hard. Quinn sucked air in through his teeth, shuddering as Killian began to stroke him. Slow and easy. Up and down.

He jolted when Killian took him in his mouth, hot and wet. “Fuck.” Never had anything felt so good. He peered down, then twisted the back of Killian’s hair into his fist, guiding his head back and forth as Killian took more and more of his cock into his mouth.

Killian gripped the base of Quinn’s shaft, quickening his pace, sucking and stroking simultaneously.

Quinn’s knees buckled, and he grabbed Killian’s shoulders to steady himself as heat flooded his groin. His cock pulsed, and he struggled to hold off as long as he could. He wanted so badly to lose his load in Killian’s mouth, but doing that would end the pleasure far too soon.

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