Sunday, April 27, 2014

Snapshot Saturday (but Sunday because I fell asleep on Saturday) #clairrenz #horror #demons #lgbt

This book is actually written by my scarier alter ego. Clair is a real crazy one so for those who can't handle the really horrible stuff, may not like her. If you want the kind of work that crosses a lot of lines? Clair Renz is the one for you!


Warning: This story contains content that may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised. For ages 18 and over.

Also contains m/m scenes, demons, violence, and harsh language

Wrath, the sin of violence, rage, and fury. He is one of the demons in Hell's Seven, a limbo before eternal damnation. His victims are predestined and when the time comes for him to have them in his grasp, getting away from his wicked touch is but a choice of right and wrong.

Alex McGrady let his anger guide him through life. Nothing was ever his fault but that all changes on the night he finally meets his destiny in Wrath's prison. Branded by the demon's sensual torture, it is a struggle for him coming to grips with the wrongs he has caused throughout his life while acknowledging his hate was within.

The demon wants Alex to learn his lesson, repent his transgressions. Alex fears he'll never be free.

How does someone as sinful as he, break the hold of sin and leave Hell's Seven?

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