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What you got to talk about Wednesday: Fury from Charlie Daye's Children of Kria: Fury

Oh the Island is the best place for me. Everywhere, just about, there are people struggling through the....


But not here on the Island. Here, it's nice, sunny, warm, and filled with hot cabana boys. All willing and ready to serve you.

Yeah, I don't like them wearing clothing. They may spill something on themselves and that causes tons of laundry. No fun.

But enough of that....okay, stare at Brian a little bit more.

Mmmmmmmmm. Oh yeah..

Oh...what's that? The sky is growing dark. Could it be our guest?

Photo 1
Yes! She's here! Everyone please give a round of applause for the fiercely dangerous and quite alluring FURY!!!!!

Gentlemen, please. Give her space! My goodness.
Photo 2

Okay then. Hello, my dear. Come sit next to me and let's get this interview started!

D. X. Luc: How did you feel when you found out your story was going to be told?
Fury: Mind you the story’s quite tragic but I think it has a happy ending. *snickers*. A little excited actually.

D: Did the author do a decent job?
F: Yes, however, she had left out a few pertinent points which she added after a long sword flaming conversation. Hey! Don’t look at me that way! I wasn’t going to hurt her, I just wanted to make sure she got the details right.
D: *Laughs* Oh my!

D: What would you say is the most wonderful part about being you?
F: I love being a Child of Kria. Not that I don’t love my human family but I feel like I have a purpose now. Ya know? Like there was a reason behind the heart break that led to where I am.

D: What is the most negative?
F: Is this a trick question??

D: What is the best quality on a woman/man?
F: For the Children of Kria, be it man or woman, it’s that our hearts beat and ache for others. We take the burden of the world on our shoulders and try and right the wrongs that so often go unpunished in the world.

D: If you could pick any dessert to eat, which would that be?
F: I’ve always loved orange flavored dark chocolate.

D: How would you eat said dessert?
F: Uh, with my hands?

D: What scares you?
F: Nothing anymore. I’m immortal.

D: What makes you smile?
F: Besting Phoenix in training. Although to this day he still denies that I do.

D: Are you thinking of starting a family?
F: Nah. I’m currently single and loving my freedom. Don’t get me wrong that are a ton of hot men in Kriation but I just don’t have the desire at the moment.

D: Do you know anyone single who might be needing a personal "get to know D. X. Luc" session?
F: *Laughs* Phoenix maybe. Perhaps if had some “get to know you” time he loosen up a bit.
D: Hmm, I do like that name. Sounds hot, like I like my men AND my Island! Maybe you can tell him to stop by here sometime.

D: Can we plan on hearing more from you in the future?
F: Seeing me like you did in Children of Kria: Fury? Probably not. But from what I hear I do make an appearance in several of the other Children’s stories.

Word Association

Thong - Sandal

Sand - Egypt

Tree - Leaf

Red - Revenge

Fun – Me! *Laughs*

Lame – Phoenix *Snickers*

Wow! You are a lot of fun Fury. I'm glad that you were my first to reopen the guest interviews here at the Island. Stay awhile if you can and enjoy the attractions.

And as for those who want to know more about Fury's story, here is the information. Thanks again!

I am a seeker of vengeance; A mender of broken hearts. I respond to the siren call of loneliness and despair. I was once a human woman; Very much like you; Until my heart was destroyed by the man I loved. My only purpose now is to avenge those that have been betrayed. I am Fury… And hell has nothing on me.


Whatever was left of my heart had just been destroyed. It was bad enough knowing he married that horrid woman but it was something else entirely when I had to listen to them make out over the phone. The pain in my chest became so intense that I couldn't breathe. I sat up and reached for my shot glass and the bottle of vodka that was currently sitting on my nightstand. I looked at the glass briefly before tossing it aside and drinking straight from the bottle. I just wanted the pain to stop. I wanted my life to go back to the way it was before I got involved with Gyan. I sobbed. Who was I kidding? I wanted Gyan back. I wanted him so much that the thought of living another day without him had me pulling my pocket knife out of my drawer and bringing it with me to bed. I began to mindlessly slide the blade across my arm. With every slice, the pain of my broken heart began to lessen. I sliced until I couldn't lift my arm to hold the knife anymore. I slumped over on my bed and stared blankly at the puddle of blood that saturated my floor. A tear rolled down my cheek as the pain in my chest once again reared its ugly head. I closed my eyes and pleaded to the darkness, “Please make the pain go away.” As the darkness began to close in and the pain began to fade, a bright light began to take shape. It was iridescent in color and seemed to twist and turn until a very distinct shape took form. It was a woman with bright red hair and a white gown that flowed around her body like mist. Here eyes were the color of the raging sea during a storm. She lifted me up and cradled me in her arms like a baby. It was the most comforting feeling in the world. I smiled weakly, “Are you an angel?” She smiled and brushed a piece of my long dark hair away from my face, “No child. I am Kria.”

**NOTE** This book is no released yet

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Man Monday: Today's letter...V! As in...Got Damn those V's on a dude are hot!

You know what I love to see on a man? Well everything, but there is that one place, right above his hips that make me tremble.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Man Monday: But...but...but....I love BUTTS

You can grab it, smack, lick it. It can look great in a good pair of pants and man oh man, do these guys have some nice ones!

What am I talking about?


Monday, January 13, 2014

Man Monday: Hairy Chests are the BEST!!

It's Monday and that means, MEN!!!!!!!

Today's theme? Hairy chests!

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I Never Thought This Would Happen!

Holy Smokes! Hunters of Seraphim: Jadin has been nominated for the Reviewer's Choice Award in the category of Best Erotic Paranormal Romance with PRG. 

Voting starts 1/6/14 (That's TODAY!!) and ends 5pm est 1/12/14. 

Please support the Hunters and vote for them. Thank you all and thank you PRG!


Hunters of Seraphim: Jadin book trailer

The Sequel to the Touch of the Gods Trilogy is Under Way

I'm happy to announce my muse is has woken up again and boy are we writing in full force. Himeros has a tear jerker of a story that I'm sure some who read the first book wanted to know more about. And boy do we get down into it.

I want to thank all my readers out there who have kept up with me and my absence. I don't know if I mentioned it before but as of now, I am almost 10 weeks pregnant. See? My books have fun side effects!

Before I get into a little contest I have decided to run, I'd like to introduce the characters that will be present in Touch of the Gods: Shadow of Desire.







 There are the ones from the first too of course, Hephaestus and Vanessa. As well as the introduction of their little baby boy, Sasha.

Twists, turns, betrayal, and love. All the favorites will return in this dark erotic journey. So hold on for the ride, folks. It's gonna be bumpy.

Now onto our contest.

I have a lot of swag. Door hangers and picture cards. I am going to give away SIGNED items to four, that's right FOUR winners if you can answer the question below correctly.

Contest question: What is the animal that Adriano is turned into found in Touch of the Gods: The Wager?

Respond in comments and by Friday 1/10/14, I will pick four random winners!

Good luck all and share this with as many as you can!

P. S. If you haven't, Touch of the Gods: The Wager is available through all countries on Amazon. Only $2.99!

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