Friday, June 12, 2015

New look, new books, and new goals!!


Wow, it has been like forever since I've updated my readers and fans. Heck, this blog in general. I know, I know. You're all probably wondering, "Where the heck have you been, woman?" Well, I can explain. Really!

I've been in school, completing my Psychology degree and guess what? I'm done in a few more weeks!

I want to send huge thanks to you all for being so patient. I made finishing this path of my life a priority and had to put writing (and blogging) on the back burner. But now I'm back and I'm ready to get started!! 

So, how am I going to get back into my sexy groove? Well, let me give a little insight as to what's being worked on. 

I still have my (not so new) release, well really a prequel to a story I'm still working on titled The Capture of Riding. I'll post the blurb, cover, and links where you can purchase it. 

I'm currently working on The Huntsman's Daughter (remember that prequel I mentioned above? This is the novel continuation a few years in the future!) I'm also working on the sequel (finally) to Touch of the Gods and Hunters of Seraphim. I recently received the rights back to several books that I will be going back through, finding new covers, and eventually re-releases. So yeah, quite a bit of fun. 

I'm hoping to get a few authors on my blog too. Get the veterans and some newbies on to have a place to show their talents. I have had great support and made awesome friends. I know how hard it is to get noticed and I want to help be that platform. So keep a lookout for that! 

So happy to be back, folks! Wooo! Let's celebrate!

And don't think I forgot. Here's that prequel that's available for purchase on Amazon. 99 cents!


NOTE: This is a prequel to an upcoming release. It has elements of romance but is a tragedy. 

Wulfric, better known as the Huntsman, is Beta to his friend and new Alpha's pack. The recent food shortage is causing anxiety among the wolves and it's all because of the humans. Making matters worse, the village is protected by the Order of the Red Cloaks, a coven of women, touch enough to kill the shifters. Which is why the Huntsman is sent to locate a new place to find food. 

As with all good ideas, anything that could go wrong does and Wulfric finds himself protecting the group he leads from a strong-willed, stunningly beautiful, and deadly Order member. One that is on equal footing with his own skill. 

Riding she calls herself. 

Killing her would have been justice for her kind's attack on the wolves. However, Wulfric chooses a different path. A decision that will test his loyalties. 

The Huntsman may have captured Riding, but will it be he who'll be caught? 


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