Saturday, June 27, 2015

When too many feels makes thinking hard REVIEW of Predator's Trinity by Rosanna Leo

I had the lovely pleasure of receiving the ARC of Rosanna Leo's continuation to her Gemini Island series, Predator's Trinity. 

Let me tell you, this book gave me so many feels that I went to bed without a solid train of thought. The characters, plot, and tale as a whole haunted my dreams. I woke up still feeling some kind of conflicted. Love. Hate. Love again. Laughter and some tear ups. This book did it all.

No spoilers review.

First and foremost, this story has two of the greatest things in the world. Percy and Byron Moon. Twins.

Not just twins. Jaguar shifter twins.

Then we have Suzan Marsh. She's an empath. She feels the emotions coming off of people. She's a very awesome character.

I connected to this character because I too am an empath. I've always been able to absorb the emotions around me. I was often so strongly affected, I would get sick to my stomach. I learned to put up a wall and many consider me to be emotionally constipated.

The twists and turns in this story will leave your head spinning. They did mine and the action. Ms. Leo knows how to keep your heart pumping. The love between our heroes and heroine was not only hot and steamy, but also genuine. Writing a menage can be hit or miss for me, this one was a BIG HIT.

As to not give too much away, know that Ms. Leo has once again written a story with so much impact, it will leave you with an abundance of feels. The villains (The Brethren) are just as vile (and sexy to me) and our favorites from past books return as well.

This book is amazing.

I'm giving Predator's Trinity

5 Strips of yummy bacon!!!!

Coming Aug. 24th!


Rosanna Leo said...

Thanks so much for an awesome review, DX! I had no idea you were an empath. The review means even more to me now.

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