Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Counting down the release of Taking the Plunge with some sexy pictures! #LGBT #LittleMermaidwithmen #eroticfairytale

I'm so close to finishing up my edits before sending back to my editor for one final look over as well as formatting, I can taste it!

This expanded, retelling of The Little Mermaid with sexy me has me SUPER excited! I want to get my readers excited as well so here are a few pictures!


Move over Ursula, this story is full of sexy males!

Ursine, the sea witch will save your poor, unfortunate soul

"As much as it pains me, you’re right. It was selfish of me to pull you into my world. I’ll send you home, but first, I must warn you, I'm not going to stop at simply kissing you. I want to bury myself in your body until we are joined in every way possible. Marc, I need to possess you. Will you give me this?”

Marc is just looking for his happily ever after. A man to sweep him off his feet. Can he find it under the sea?

“I’ve always wanted to touch you like this. Every time we swam, I’d wait until you came up from the water dripping wet. All I could think of was how badly I wanted to lick each and every drop from your skin.” --Ursine to Marc

Hope these pictures got you jumping with glee and joy! I'll post more updates as I get closer to releasing Taking the Plunge.

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