Saturday, March 5, 2016

Review: Predator's Rescue by Rosanna Leo #RosannaLeo #GetIt #Fivestars

I love all of Ms. Leo's books thus far but this one, Predator's Rescue, really hit home for me. The subject matter (addiction) is close to my heart and it was refreshing to read along and watch how well the topic was tackled. On top of this amazing feat, the heroine, Fleur, which I didn't like much in the previous book, was able to find redemption. And not through some ex machina kind of way. There is a genuineness that Ms. Leo uses in her writing in order to make you BELIEVE this is happening and SHOULD happen. Jani is also not just an alpha (which he very much is) he's also a man with layers that I found endearing. Both characters came together perfectly with their demons and flaws which turned this from your basic paranormal romance, to what could honestly be seen as life altering in some cases. The story is just that well written, in my opinion.

I implore you to get this book and if you haven't gotten the others, please do so. The stories are just so wonderful. So yes, FIVE stars and FIVE Bacon strips once again for Predator's Rescue by Rosanna Leo.

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