Down the Yellow Brick Road saga-Characters

Shapeshifter Caninion. He shifts into a silky Yorkeshire Terrier.
He has loved Dorothy for what seems like forever so when they find themselves in Oz, he makes sure to claim her.
Toto's destiny is just beginning as he journies through the alien world of Oz.

Dorothy Gale

Love of Toto, she is traveling through Oz with the eyes of a natural researcher. Intelligent with a lot of opinions, Dorothy still finds herself having trouble understanding the world she finds herself in.

It may be alien to her, but it's home to Toto and she is willing to trek through it all, for him.


Leader of the Lollipop Guild Inc (LGI), he is bent on destroying the legacy of the child of prophecy. Toto.

He and his clan have control over Oz and does not want to give that up.

Nessarose the Witch of the East

The second born of the four magical beings in Oz, Nessarose is the keeper of the ruby red stilletto boots and protector of the East quadrant.

She played an important part of Toto's survival, she is one of the few who does not wish for the LGI to continue their tyranny over her beloved land.

Glinda the Witch of the North

Once the beautiful and most desired sexual companion and protector of the North, Glinda now suffers as the sex slave of Brodin and his clan.

Her magic is diminished because of the loss of her boots to her eldest sister, Elphaba. Now she struggles with keeping her Masters happy, while wishing she could once again be loved and cherished.


Master of all, Oestar trains both the sexual companions and future Masters in all of Oz. He also works closely for the Great Wizard.

A man of many secrets, he is most noted for his floor length hair and rainbow eyes. Stunning and sensual, wanting to be dominated by this man is a craving for any that come in his presence.

He also knows more about Toto's family than most in Oz.

Elphaba the Witch of the West

She's the eldest sibling of the four quadrant protectors and one of the most powerful. Elphaba has both hers and Glinda's boots to combine her powers and searches for the ruby red shoes.

In charge of the Flying Monkeys Bounty Hunting crew, she is one witch no one wants to cross.

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