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For  those who have read Down the Yellow Brick Road: Finding Home, this is a side story happening within the story but not mentioned in the main book. 

Down the Yellow Brick Road:
By D. X. Luc
© Copyright by D. X. Luc, October 2011
© Cover Art by Jenny Dixon, October 2011
New Concepts Publishing
Lake Park, GA 31636

This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author’s imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.

Elation fields of Oz

She was tired, but had to keep working if she were to get her meal for the evening, and considering she hadn't eaten in two days, Glinda was hungry. She had failed in her quest to get the red haired female and convince her to give them the child of prophecy, thus, she was being punished by her Masters. Glinda hated the Lollipop Guild Inc. but she could never go back to where she had come from, and it broke her heart. She was young, foolish, and thought being involved with the powerful group would be her greatest accomplishment. Instead, it ended up being her biggest downfall.

Looking down at the ecstasy flowers, part of her wished she was able to feel the effects that they gave others, but being a witch, she was immune. Plucking the sticky, pink pedals off the white and red swirly stem, she chewed them, and pretended she was getting a high. Glinda closed her eyes and laid back in the field, her mind going back to a time when she was special, loved, and dominated in the best way, by a man she would forever love.

Three slaves attended her, brushing her purple hair and massaging her naked body until her skin tingled with arousal. As top sex-slave in the EmC, she had the life of luxury, and her Master, Oestar. What more could she ever want? Smiling, she thought of the man that was head council for her brother, the Great Wizard, which increased her need. As they finished prepping her for a day of sexual pleasuring, she stood and waited for the glass doors to open, but as they did, she was taken back by the sight that stood before her. He looked no older than twelve, with hair as silver as the collar she wore around her own neck, but it was his eyes that gave away who he belonged to. No color, clear like the waterfalls that trickled in the elation fields she loved.

They were her Master's eyes.

“There you are, my stieri, please meet Akira, my son. He is going to follow in his father's footsteps of becoming a Master. Of course, he will have to start at the bottom, won't you son?”

“Yes, father.”

Glinda was shocked, not because he had a child with another female, he had every right to be with whatever woman he chose, but for the fact that before her stood the most stunning creature she had ever seen. She knew that if he was anything like his father, he'd be extremely successful and as she took his hand, both of them bowing heads, she saw him taking over the entire sex-slave industry. He would run her out of business. The premonition shook her and as the day progressed, she grew more sullen. The evening break came and Glinda only wanted a chance to be with her Master, but he was with his son, talking with him and sent her to the outdoor patio to eat. Hurt, she listened to him speak and laugh with the boy, wishing it was she he gave the attention to. One more client for her evening and she would go to bed, looking forward to her horrible day to end.

Nude, her white skin shimmered under the moonlight as she waited on lush pillows for her last partner of the night. Her mind was still on the vision she had seen, but she quickly pushed it away when the doors opened and her client walked through. Glinda sat stunned, as the head member of the LGI, Brodin, came in and stood looking down at her with greedy eyes. She had never seen him in her part of town, let alone in the Great Wizard's brothel, but there he stood, his wide lips grinning. The power emanating from him was palpable and it took all she had to not cower in fear, knowing just how dangerous his kind truly were. Instead, she moved slowly, lowering down to a kneeling position, her ass high and head low, while he walked circles around her.

“I can feel your sadness, beautiful slave. What bothers you?”

Glinda was caught off guard by his concern, seeing how no other male had ever worried about her feelings. Without thinking, she lifted her head and spoke.

“I know my time as top slave grows short. I believe my Master is replacing me.”

“That is awful. You are so stunning, so exquisite. Perhaps it is time for a new Master. One who will spank you thrice a day.”

Her eyes sparkled and her body grew taut at the very idea. Glinda hadn't even realized Oestar had been neglectful until that very moment. She could tell by the creature before her, that he was all too aware of her thoughts, and made his way over to a bag she did not notice before. Slowly, he pulled out a long red whip and she grew wet at the sight, already imagining the stinging pleasure she would gain from it. He gestured with a nod for her to take position and she did so without hesitation, standing with her feet shoulder width apart and hands folded behind her head.

 Closing her eyes, Glinda licked her lips and readied for what was to come. When several breaths passed with no strike, she almost turned to see if she had displeased him.

“Dear, slave, before I start, I have a proposition for you. Would you like to come back with me? I assure you, the pain I will give you will surpass even your strictest of Masters. All sex slaves will envy your position with the LGI.”

Glinda thought of all the wonders that would come with what he asked, the status she would hold if she joined up with Oz's most notorious group and a shiver went down her spine. She imagined daily whippings during the day, pleasuring him in the afternoon while he fed her from his hand, then nights of intense sex that left her throat raw from screaming out in ecstasy. How couldn't she say yes, yet, she felt a wave of guilt knowing that she would leave Oestar, her Master.

They had grown up together, and she loved no one nearly as much. But did he love her any longer? The whippings had stopped and most days he only wanted to hold her while he spoke of how his
life was as her brother's head of council. He would say he loved her, but then he treated her differently than the other slave women. A single tear dropped down her cheek as confusion of what to do filled her, and when she felt the gentle caress of the LGI member, she knew what her choice had to be if she were to survive from being left for the streets.

“So much for power and luxury!”

Glinda mumbled as she blocked the memories of her first night with the guild. In a way, what she saw did happen, only she was the reason behind it, not Akira. Now a grown man, he held the status she once had and she was nothing more than a whipping post that was dirty, hungry, and unhappy. She missed her Master, missed his laugh and love. She remembered how Dorothy and Toto had looked together, the way they seemed to fit. She understood now, all too late, that the way Oestar treated her, was in fact what true love was. Did he miss her when she left? Did he think of her even now after all the years that had passed. If only she could see him, one last time. If only....

“I find it very odd that you still come back to this place, stieri. It can give you nothing that it gives most.”

Glinda froze at the voice above her, as there was only one who had ever called her stieri or pet, but it could not be. Yet, as she opened her eyes, above her she saw that it was and she smiled. Her beloved, her Oestar, her Master. He hadn't aged a bit and looked as sinfully attractive to her as he always had. With hair as black as a felin crow and tawny skin, it was his unmistakable eyes that still captivated her. So clear, if the sun hit them just right, she could see a myriad of colors, like a rainbow. As usual, he wore a suit that barely restrained his muscles and raw masculinity and the sudden realization at how her appearance must have looked to him had her cheeks warming in embarrassment. She knew she was grimy, but she still tried to fix herself up, using her fingers to smooth out her long purple hair. After awhile, however, she gave up and was ready for him to leave in disgust, only to frown at his deep chuckling.

“Stieri, why are you acting so anxious. You are still beautiful to me. Now get up and allow me to help you clean off.”

His demeanor frightened her. It was soft and gentle, the same way he had become before she left him. Warily, she looked up at his proffered hand, then tentatively taking it, she stood and with a snap of his fingers, she was clean. She had forgotten his mystical abilities he had learned from her brother. His eyes stared into her so intensely, she had to lower her own to keep him from seeing what she truly felt. He didn't love her, he couldn't, yet there he was, in the same place they had always made love in. She stepped back, fearful that he wouldn't let her go, that he would fight her but he merely dropped his hand and continued to look into her very soul. Her voice, barely a whisper, she looked up and had to know.

“Why are you here, Oestar?”

He flinched at her saying his name, but knew he had no stake over her. He let her go years ago. That didn't mean it didn't hurt. Hell, it hurt her not saying Master.

“I've been watching you. I wanted to make sure you were okay. You don't come here just because you're bored. Do you want to talk about it?”

Talk?! Here she was, standing naked, shackled and at his mercy, and all he wanted to do was talk?! He hadn't changed a bit and that infuriated Glinda to the point she forgot her place and
lunged at him with all the years of loneliness, guilt, shame, and regret. Together they fell to the ground, all the while she punched at him with her hands and screamed.

“You stupid asshole! What has happened to you! I loved you and you stopped treating me the way you used to. You brought him to take my place! You probably didn't even care that I left you for the guild, you were probably happy. You wanted it, I know you did!”

The tears flowed as she continued her assault until she had nothing left to scream and could only cry, allowing him to wrap her up and pull her to his chest. He kept her that way, holding her silently until the sobs stopped, then with a last hiccup, Glinda sat back up, straddling his waist. It was a position of power to be on top and instead of scolding her, he looked up with gentle eyes.

“It broke my heart, Glinda, but you always had that choice. You know you did. Any good Master would never force you to do what you did not want. I assumed you wanted out because you felt nothing more for me. I thought you felt me weak as I stopped seeing you as just my slave, but as a woman I had fallen in love with.”

His declaration shocked her to her toes and she could only stare down at him, trying to read if what he was saying was true. She saw no lies in that handsome face, only understanding and love and her heart soared. Leaning down, she kissed him and felt him tense in surprise at her initiating, then finally relaxed into her skillful ministrations. Her fingers trembled as she unbuttoned the jacket and shirt, exposing his well defined torso. She had always loved his body, the strength and beauty of it.

Bending down once more, she took his nipple into her mouth and lovingly sucked, enjoying his groan and his hands squeezed her buttocks. Slowly, she inched her way down, lingering on his naval, before she reached his pants. Glinda could already recall his heavy cock and how it stood proudly in his arousal. Greedily, she practically tore away the barrier to her need and was graced with his member as it broke free of its confinement and rested hard and ready against his stomach.

Licking her lips, she grabbed him in her hands, looking him straight in the eyes, then took him into her mouth until her lips rested against the nest of black hair at the base. Opening her throat, she accepted him fully as he arched his hips, then easing her way back up to the tip, she twirled her tongue around the engorged head, causing him to catch his breath before devouring him once more. Within moments, she picked up a steady rhythm, and she felt a sense of power with each outcry of pleasure that escaped his lips. She lost herself in the scent of him, the feel of his hardness between her lips and she wished she could have him that way forever. So gone in her mind, she barely heard him calling out to her.

“Stieri! Glinda, stop before I come!”

In a daze, she allowed Oestar to pull her head back by her hair, turning her so that she rested on her back. Coming to her senses, she barely had time to think as he clamped hooks that brought her knees up to her wrists and connected them, leaving her open and vulnerable. It was the one position that she desired the most, and the only one he was allowed to have her in. Glinda looked up at him with all the trust in the world, and he down at her with all the love she didn't believe she deserved.

“I love you, stieri.”

Then without giving her a chance to respond, he thrust deep into her, causing her to scream out and shake at the intensity of it. Holding her hips, his fingers dug into her skin while he pummeled her at a speed that curled her toes and all she could do was wrap her fingers around her thighs and enjoy the ride. She moaned and whimpered as he loved her body in a way that she knew would leave her sore for many days to come and her love for him overwhelmed her to the point of tears. It wasn't until she was grabbing his face that she realized he had unchained her and pulling him close Glinda kissed him with everything that she had.

“Benedio vileen gno, stieri.” I give myself unto you, pet.

Both their tears coated them as they came together in a burst of so much pleasure, it was painful and as the sensation died, Glinda accepted Oestar's weight as he lay on her, sated. She didn't mind, her own body still spasming and she sighed in contentment. Finally, he rolled over, pulling her close and just looked up into the sky, while she looked up at him. He was such a gorgeous man, he deserved so much more than what she was and yet, there he was, holding her in their field. They remained quiet, his heartbeat soothing to her and before time, she fell asleep.

Opening her eyes, Glinda saw Oestar staring down at her with a smile, and she sat up to meet him in a deep kiss. She was clutching him, losing herself once more in his strength and dominance, until she heard her name being called by her Masters. Pulling back, she quickly scrambled to her feet, while he slowly rose to his, his clothing magically reappearing. Shame filled her as Brodin and his clan grew closer, and just when she thought he would be angered and disgusted, she felt his body pressed closely behind her in a protective manner. The small creatures stopped before them, Brodin eyes going from her to Oestar and back. With a tilt of his head, Glinda realized her stance was above him and moved to kneel before him. He patted her head, then walked around to stand before her former Master, her heart pounding in fear of what would happen.

“Lord Oestar, I have not seen you for so long. How are things?”

“They are fine.”

“Good, good. I hear your boy has become a successful whore. You must be most pleased.”

Glinda held her breath as they spoke, the conversation cordial, and she only hoped Brodin would not harm the man she loved. The discussion seemed to last for eternity, and by the time it did end, her nerves were frayed. Her Master made his way back to her, gliding his sharp nails along her spine as he did so, which made her inwardly cringe. She felt the tug of her metal collar as he attached her lead to it and she knew her time with Oestar was over. And as they began to leave, she wondered if she would ever see him again. Looking over her shoulder, he still stood there smiling, the setting sun hitting his eyes in that way that made them shimmer like a rainbow, her rainbow. She smiled back before being tugged again, knowing, not sure how, but knowing that she would be with her Master again.

The End


Prequel to A Zombie Hunter's Holiday

Copyright © 2011 by D. X. Luc

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner
whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations
in a book review.

This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and places are of the author’s imagination and not to be confused with fact. Any resemblance to living persons or events is merely coincidence.

Freshman Fifteen by D. X. Luc

“How's the university life, as a freshman, treating you?”

“Not too bad. Found a group of guys to play DND with, so all's good. How about you? MIT as
boring as I figure it should be?”

“Ha ha, shut up! Oh hey, I fixed your computer. Karen really screwed it up after you dumped
her man.”

“Yeah, remind me to never break the heart of a computer programming major. I thought I lost
everything. And speaking of girlfriends, how are things with you and Carla?”

There was a pause, accompanied by a long sigh. Uh oh, he thought. Trouble in paradise it would

“They're okay. She's convinced I put too much effort into helping Raina. But she's my best
friend, Jordy. Well, my female one.”

“I can see what she means, but again, she should value the friendship you have. I still don't get
how you do it though, Carl.”

“Do what?”

“How you can date a woman who's name is pretty much the girl's version of yours. It's kind of

“Up yours, dude. Hey, my mom's on the other end, so I have to go. You sure you don't want to
come to my family's for spring break?”

“No, it's fine. There's some students here and I really need to work on some things. I'll talk to
you soon. Later.”

Hanging up the phone, Jordan “Jordy” Brown looked around his single dorm room. The walls
were covered in posters of zombie movie icons and Dungeon and Dragons memorabilia. He needed to finish his sociology paper but with Carl holding his laptop, he would have to venture down into the
campus library. He could just wait until after the break, but the timing would be cutting it close, so he
had only one real choice. Grabbing his books, he made his way to the door, but stopped to make sure he looked halfway acceptable.

Being of mixed race, his skin always looked tanned, but he had his father to thank. He often
kept his hair cropped close, not wanting to have to fuss with it in case of an emergency. Frowning,
Jordy rubbed the two day old growth on his chin, reminding himself to shave once he was done with
his project. Not an unattractive man, he didn't stand out in a crowd, not that he liked to anyway, but
there was one feature that made him the gossip among the many. One blue eye and one green eye, a
trait that was passed down from his mother's side. The story was that those who possessed the bi
colored orbs would see their death. Unless they meant when he was playing video games with his
friends online and knowing his move would be the end of his character, he hadn't yet prophesied a

“Happy spring break to me. Let's see if I can get this done in an hour.”

Four hours later

Jordy hated the assignment and wanted to burn it in a pile of crap. He tried to blame the fact that
he was taking so long on him not being in his own room, on his own computer. But the truth was, he
hated writing. He was never any good at it. Looking back at the bright screen, he mentally cursed.
Jordy had only typed up the title page and half of a paragraph. The paper was getting nowhere. With a
dejected sigh, he saved his work, or lack thereof, removed the flash drive and left. He had no other
reason for staying in the cold, empty library. Deciding to grab a quick bite, he slowly made it back to
his building, the sun setting behind him.

He had just made it up to his room when he was knocked to the floor, his food flying somewhere down the hall.

“What the hell?”

He was on his back, but couldn't see because his face was covered with the hair of the person
above him. Trying to push them off was even more difficult since they were squirming and panicking
over something.

“Get off! What is wrong with you, dud-”

Jordy's breath lodged itself in his throat as his eyes widened to take in the, finally visible, face
above him. It was Christy Goodman, the super sexy, high school homecoming queen, turned college
cheering squad captain, and she was on top of him! He froze at that moment of recognition, knowing
his cock was as stiff as the rest of him, but she didn't seem to notice.

She merely shrieked incoherently, her brown eyes saturated with terror.

He couldn't understand a damn thing and was about to say something, until she stopped her chatter and looked up at something he couldn't see. Luckily, he could smell and hear it. Shit!

“Dammit, Christy get up! NOW!” Rolling, he jumped onto his feet, and with quick, fluid reflexes he pulled out his WASP injector knife. With a bloodthirsty scream, he leaped at the thing coming towards them.

In stunned silence, and a bit of fear, Christy watched as Jordy, a guy she had always crushed on,
stabbed at the decaying man that had chased her to the dorm. His weapon entered the monster's head
and with a quick press of a button on the handle, all that was left was a falling, headless body. The
walls and his clothing were coated in sticky goop, blood, and brain matter. It was gross, but as she
watched him walking calmly back to her, she found it oddly arousing. He didn't speak, instead grabbed her hand and pulled her into his room, slamming and locking the door.

“Wh-what was that? Why are you carrying that knife? Why aren't you shitting your pants like I

He blinked rapidly, as though trying to absorb the barrage of questions she just threw at him, but
she needed to understand what she just experienced.

“That, my dear, was a zombie. I carry the knife for moments just like those. And as to why I'm
not, as you so lovingly put it, “shitting my pants”, well that is because I've been fighting them for as
long as I remember.”


“Just 'Oh'? I'm sure you have more to say than that. But we don't have time. Did you see
anymore of them or was he the only one?”

“Any other time, I would have said you're bullshitting me but I know you're not. So yeah, I saw
more. I was practicing on the field with the team. And then that guy came and bit Laurie. After that, it
went nuts. The girls all turned into zombies and I just ran.”

“Damn. Where did he come from I wonder. I need to send Carl a message. This is NOT good.”

She stood, her eyes following him as he shuffled around the room, stopping briefly to send type
on his cell. Then he turned to her, his unique eyes raking over her cheering uniform and she
involuntarily shivered.

Christy hoped he didn't notice, but she should have known better, a blush creeping up her cheeks when his eyebrow arched. Jordy was so cute, so smart and funny. She always wanted to hang out with his crowd, but her family forbid it. Now she was in the same room with him, alone, and she could no longer hide her body's betrayal. Especially with him suddenly pressed against her.

“You cold, Christy? That shiver looked serious.”


“Hmm. Well, we'll deal with that later. First, I need to F up some zombies. You stay put.”

He moved away then, leaving her to watch his sexy behind waltz to the door. Then reality struck
and she wasn't having any of it.

“Oh no you don't! I'm coming with you.”

“Christy, you can't. This is dangerous and I'm trained. Be a good girl and stay here.”

Good girl? What the hell! She was tired of being handled with kid gloves and stomped over to
his desk where he had a long umbrella resting against it. The point at the bottom would do and she
stood next to him, her face serious.

“I'm going.”

“Damn girl, you just got me hard! Alright then, lets go, but stay behind me.”

She smiled, excited, nervous, and still aroused. As they headed out, making their way across
until they got to the location she had last seen her team, there was only one thing Christy could think.
The man before her, standing with his weapon raised as groaning cheerleaders came toward them, was going to be the man she would spend the rest of her life with.


One year later

Jordy looked down at the gold band around his finger, remembering the day that led to them
dating and eventually coming to the place they were now. Christy had been amazing fighting what they dubbed the Freshman Fifteen, her fifteen teammates that had been turned into zombies. And he knew she would be his. Now they were married and it was their wedding night. He couldn't understand why he was so nervous, it wasn't as though they never been intimate. Yet, Jordy's palms were damp and his erection had shrank down substantially.

He needed to clear the silly fears from his head. They were irrational! Rubbing his palms
together, he stood looking out the window of their villa. A gift from his grandmother.

Christy's family dropped her all together, not even coming to the wedding. And he knew it hurt her, even when she said she was fine. Jordy wanted to give her a night she would never forget. Just had to get out the jitters and he'd be good to go.


Her voice was soft with the same fear he felt. They were so much alike, while being truly
different. Turning, he swallowed past the lump in his throat, her beauty glowing softly in the dimly lit
room. Her black hair was curled around her pale shoulders and her wide, brown eyes sparkled. He
would care for her always.

Uncertainty forgotten, Jordy closed the distance between them and pulled her close to his body, dipping to taste the honey of her lips. She mewed into his mouth, wrapping her arms around his neck. He picked her up and carried her to the bed, both of them falling in a heap of fiery passion. Pulling up, he looked down into her face and smiled.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He pulled her nightie off, running his hand down her curvy torso, until it found its resting place
between her legs. She was wet, but Jordy wanted her soaked, so he knew what he needed to do.
Adorning her lips with one more peck, he inched down until he was settled between her spread thighs.

Breathing in, his mouth watered at his wife's delightful scent, and wanted to dive in. He truly enjoyed
tasting her, but he wanted to make her squirm, make her beg. With his thumbs, he separated her, opened her to his greedy view, and blew cool air onto her exposed clit.

He thrilled at how her limbs quivered, repeating the action several more times, and finally, when
his will broke, latched onto her with relish. Jordy's mouth exploded as the first drops of her sugary dew melted on his tongue. Twirling around the folds of her pussy, he left no area untouched, and each swipe over her sensitive pearl wrenched a sound from her that fueled the growing fire in his soul.

Christy's hand curled around his head, the pinching nails exciting him more, while she brokenly sobbed for him to fill her.

Not yet, the thought filled his head. He was far from done with her.

She was engorged like a plump fruit, ripe and all his. Groaning as more juice flowed into his
mouth, he replaced his tongue with three fingers, twirling them inside her tight core. Jordy knew she
was close, taking the moment to glance up at her face, which was contorted in overwhelming pleasure.

He just needed a small inch to push her over the edge. Curling all three digits, he circled around the
bundle of nerves and suck her clit deep into his mouth, moving in conjunction with his fingers.
Christy's back arched off the bed, crying out his name, the sound complete and utter bliss to his ears.
Jordy slowed down his movements ending with several, gentle licks before removing his hand. He
moved up to her side, kissing her neck while her breathing calmed.

“That was amazing, Jordy.”

“You ready for round two?”

He didn't give her a chance to answer, slipping out of his boxer brief before he shifted his body
to lay atop hers, weight braced on his elbows. Jordy knew pain, but the hardness of his cock was
beyond anything he had ever experienced.

Her moisture allowed him to slide deep into her heat, the
clenching of her walls nearly causing him to explode sooner than he wanted. Still as a statue, he staved off his pending orgasm with relaxing breaths, smirking at Christy's giggle. It wasn't uncommon for him to have to stop and collect his bearings, she just felt so damn good.

“I'm going to make you scream for laughing at me, love.”

“Give me you best shot, Dragon slayer!”

Jordy did laugh at her use of his Dungeon and Dragon code name, readjusting his body before
he pulled back to the tip. The wet sounds of their union sent fire deep in his groin, the coiling of that
spring tightening up. Using only his hips, he pressed back against her hips, the force of his thrust
pushing the headboard loudly on the wall. In moments, he picked up a steady rhythm, alternating with jabs and swivels, both of them moaning and grunting as they grew close to completion.

Christy's entire form trembled, and her walls vibrated against the sensitized skin of his shaft. During some point of their lovemaking, she had placed her hands upon the globes of his ass, squeezing them, urging him to drive harder.

And he did, he pounded into her making the bed creak and echo into their candle lit room.

“Oh God, Jordy! I'm coming again!”

Her throaty outcry was barely registered above his deep grunts as he teetered on the edge of
what was real and what was a dream. It was with a final, powerful thrust, they screamed out together,
floating on the abyss of pleasure and pain. A dark, but beautiful painting that only they could ever

Careful, as not to crush her with his weight, he rolled off to the side and pulled her into the curl
of his body. They both lay, breathing heavy and sweaty until the last flame flickered them into

“I am so glad to have you, Jordy. So very happy.”

“Me too. I hope I never let you down, Christy. Get some sleep.”

After several moments, Jordy felt the rise and fall of her chest, the steady pattern telling him she
had fallen asleep. He too was exhausted, thinking of his new life as the husband of the greatest woman he never thought he'd be with. Drifting off, his mind played out strange images unlike anything he had before.

As sleep claimed him, the final picture he witnessed was a picture frame, covered in blood.
His cold hand clutching it. And it was Christmas Eve.

The End


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